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Technology In Your Home That Will Save You Money Over Time

Today’s technology is coming out of the computer and into your home as manufacturers reach out with new ways to rescue you from costly expenses. The emphasis is on saving energy, on using both hardware and intelligent software to streamline wastage and save your hard-earned cash. Let’s look at some of the approaches being used to solve your money problems with technology.

Smart Thermostats

There’s a new generation of smart thermostats being fitted in homes with the express intent of cutting expensive energy bills. They learn patterns of usage, turning off when a room is unoccupied. These microprocessor controlled devices are quite capable of learning personal preferences and schedules, efficiently managing heating and cooling.

Motion Sensors

An electronic eye designed to register whether a room is currently in use, motion sensors detect the tiniest movement but they posses enough programming to intelligently discriminate between the family pet and a seated human, turning on lighting or heating after checking the temperature of the room with a smart thermostat.

Technology In Your Home That Will Save You Money Over Time

Surge Protectors

Sensitive electronics can instantly be destroyed by a powerful flow of electrical current during a thunderstorm. Voltage spikes from a nearby transformer will kill your precious flat-screen television. Purchase a surge protector, a relatively cheap piece of hardware, and eliminate these surges. A company like Professional Electrical & Controls Ltd in Edmonton can help you get surge protectors throughout your home. The device senses potentially damaging electrical spikes, instantly isolating electronics.

Switching to Energy-Saving Lighting

The maturation of low-energy lighting means no more need to fit incandescent light bulbs with hot filaments. The new generation lighting requires no additional adapters or fittings. Simply swap out the high-wattage light bulb for an LED bulb. Newer technology delivers the same level of illumination and the same spectrum of warm light as the once common filament type light bulb.

The Smart Home

Tying together all of these technologies, the coming of the smart home combines mobile technology with computer science. You can use your smartphone and a special App to control every device in the home, turning lighting on and off, adjusting environmental controls with finite accuracy.

Eco Appliances

Designed to be green from their initial concept, energy-devouring washers and dryers, dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators, have been heavily redesigned to use less electricity and water. They cook more efficiently, wash during off-peak hours, and save you a bundle.

Fully embracing home technology has gone far beyond owning the coolest, hippest gadgets. Every manufacturer is jumping aboard the money saving bandwagon, eager to create products to save you energy, putting money in your pocket.


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