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5 Benefits Of Using Technology To Create Online Forms

If you own a business, chances are your customers or clients will have to fill out a form at one point or another. There are various forms that need to be filled out for a multitude of reasons including insurance, legal, medical, applications, or even simply a new customer/client form. All of this paperwork can easily become a hassle. However, thanks to new technologies, online forms are becoming more and more popular. Here are 5 benefits of using technology to create online forms.

1. They Allow for HTML Designs, Without Requiring Experience

Your business forms don’t have to be bland black and white sheets of paper. By using an online form for your business you will be able to add html to create a beautifully designed form. Not sure how HTML works? No problem! It is easy to use html codes without programming thanks to the easy-to-use themes and templates provided by the software. As long as you can click a mouse and maybe hit a few keys, you can design a beautiful online form for your business almost instantly.

2. Turn it into a PDF Form Instantly! 

Everyone loves the good ol’ PDF form. PDFS are great because they are easy to open and read on the computer allowing you to store multiple pages filled with various information all in a single document. With online form software you can create PDFs instantly. You can also use them to put your current PDFs online.

5 Benefits Of Using Technology To Create Online Forms

3.  Measure Your Analytics

Business practically run on analytics. Online forms are unique because they will provide you with analytics about your actual form. This will allow you to measure how long it takes your customers to complete your form and any areas they struggled with. In addition, it will also show you your overall conversion rate to see how many people viewed your form vs. how many people actually filled it out. These analytics will allow you to improve your form and make it the best that it can be for your customers and clients.

4. Utilize Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures pose many benefits for business. A signature says “yes, I agree with this,” or better yet, “This is a finalized, done deal.” With traditional paper forms businesses may need to go back and forth through emails and fax before getting that finalized signature. However, through the use of online forms, businesses can now get the signatures they need instantly via electronic signatures. Forms can be given, completed, and signed all at once, allowing you to complete business deals in quicker and more efficient manner.

5. Keep Your Business Organized!  

No more stacks of papers flowing all over your desk! No more shelves filled with manila client folders! An online form will allow you to keep all of your customers and client’s forms and information in one secured place. You won’t have to worry about ever losing an important document that could cost you a deal. In addition, you will also be able to organize your customers, clients, and tasks based on deadlines and priority status. This will help you to increase your overall customer service skills.

Has your business ever used online forms? If so, what kind of forms does it use and how have they worked?


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