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The Advantages Of Outsourced Call Centers

Economic downturn was unexpected and left a lot of individuals and businesses reeling. Outsourcing isn’t a new concept and has been around for a while. Increasingly more firms are warming up to the idea of outsourcing their call center requirements. Any voice related requirements including but not limited to customer service enquiries, sales calls, follow-up, verification and what not, call centers undertake such voice requirements a firm has.

When an in-house team is hired, office space, overhead costs and other expenditures and investments are higher. For small businesses such investments and expenses can be difficult and taxing, where limited resources should be optimally utilized. On the other hand, by outsourcing to offshore locations, both investment and expenditure come down considerably. Offshore call centers are already established, so firms need not invest on infrastructure or office space. Also, overhead costs and maintenance are comparatively cheaper in offshore locations.

Small businesses or even large businesses can’t operate 24×7. Call centers can provide back-up support during off hours, when the staff count is less or when you want to cut down on the variable overheads. Hiring an offshore call center can ensure extra hours, back-up and even a regular stream of staff is available. Besides, call centers abide by standard regulations and ensure that the proper security measures are in place – this means, small businesses will have the infrastructure and security they can’t afford to invest on initially, without any investment. Small or large, 1 or 100 seats, call centers cater to your requirements without compromising on quality.

Call centers work 24×7 undeterred, rain or storm, weekday or weekend or even on holidays, there’s someone who will handle the work without you having to micromanage or follow-up. Yes, offshore call centers work throughout the year, so you will have someone to handle your work requirement irrespective of whether it is Christmas, New Year or Weekend. This is handy for small business owners as they can take the occasional day off and get more time with friends and family.

Nowadays, many consumers find IVR annoying, so hiring an answering service where consumers can get hold of a real person for their queries is ideal. Outsourced call centers are equipped with call barging facility, allowing you to barge-in calls remotely. You can occasionally barge-in calls to determine their quality and professionalism from time-to-time. Calls are automatically recorded and stored for future reference or review in Call Centers.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose features like call waiting, queue position / approximate waiting duration announcement during hold or while waiting, call recording, CRM, etc. based on your requirements. If you are looking for outbound services for telesales or for verification, choosing between predictive, progressive and preview dialer is another advantage with call centers. Basically, you get a fully furnished and equipped workspace with experienced and qualified individual(s) working for you, where you only have to pay for their time – no major investment on set-up, maintenance, etc. Depending on your budget and requirement, call centers would be able to accommodate your requirements for a pay package that’s suitable for you and them.


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