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Communication devices continue to multiply. The initial development of long-distance communication was by mail. Then it developed into telephones and pagers. After that, it grew again into a mobile phone that can do phone and also electronic messages called SMS or short for short Message service. The development of this communication device is, of course, the purpose of making it easier for humans to make long distance communication. But besides just facilitating communication, these are the following benefits digital communication devices for human life.

1. Facilitate easier and faster communication between fellow humans.

Besides easy, the process can be done quickly. When communication still uses letters, the time to get a reply is relatively long. For example, when we send a message using a post, the travel time of the news reaches the destination address for approximately three days. Even so, with a note that there is no obstacle to the delivery of the post. However, the length of delivery of a letter also depends on the distance and terrain that is passed. Now with digital-based communication devices, we are much easier and faster to deliver messages to the people we are headed.

2. Get information faster.

Besides the communication become fast and easy, another benefit is that we can get information faster. In the past, we only got information through newspapers, books, television, and radio. Now we can get a lot of information through the internet. Wherever and whenever we can get information just by using a smartphone or laptop.

3. Sharing information is easier.

In the past when we wanted to tell a piece of exciting news, article, or event, then we would say the incident via chat or by mail. Now we can notify it via SMS or telephone. This day we can add photos, videos, even the link can be sent via instant message.

4. Reduce costs and also shorten the time.

In business, time is money. Therefore, with digital communication, tasks can be done faster. For example, before the internet was found, work for clients must be delivered to its place. Now, we can send work in the form of files and sent using e-mail. Of course, it is far more efficient and saves time and money

5. Helping the teaching and learning process.

It cannot be denied if other benefits of using digital communication are also one method for learning. For example, to explain a lesson, teachers can use laptops and projectors as a means to teach. The role of the internet on student learning achievement is also significant because they get a lot of useful information. Even so, the positive and negative effects of the internet also significantly affect students.


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