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The Best Solutions For Printer Issues

Since the evolution of the computers, the users are very much comfortable with the Windows operating system. Over a period, with the change of technology, the company also has offered various versions of the same, and among all the versions the Windows 8 is the most preferred by the clients. It is due to its easy to use interface and advanced features that are much helpful to use. For many users who were much comfortable with the previous versions, it may seem something new, but it is just a matter of some practice at all.

The Best Solutions For Printer Issues

However, the installation of the printer on Windows 8, it is known as efficient and effective operating system. It is easy for those users also who are not much tech savvy to install the system. In the case of any problem, one can also take help from the customer support team of Windows 8. It is an intelligent system that can detect the printer easily and see if the printer is connected or not. In such a situation one needs to check the connection manually. One needs to know how to fix printer issues in Windows 8. Here are some important tips that can help the users to connect the printer with a few actions.

How to Install the Printer:

In case you have got a new printer or changed the operating system from any older versions of Windows you need to get it connected with the help of the disc or online download the same from the website of the printer manufacturer. In the case of the new printer, there will be a CD provided by the maker of the printer with the printer only.

However, if the disc is not available still one does not need to worry as the user can download the latest drivers from the site of the manufacturer.

  • One just needs to connect the system to the printer and switch it on. If the printer is used with the help of a network, one also needs to connect to the router.
  • On the computer just go to the left-hand side of the computer and click on the start option.
  • Here one will get the option of control panel where there is another option of the device and printers are provided.
  • In case the printer is connected as expected it will display in this option and if it is not there, it means the printer is not connected. One can turn the printer off and remove all the cables at this stage. Just wait for few minutes and then connect all the cables again. Now restart the system and add the printer again. It can be done by clicking on the option of add printer. In a few seconds, the system will detect the printer.
  • Now check the availability of the printer again in printer and devices option. See if the printer is shown there. The problem will be resolved at this stage, and the printer will be ready to use.


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