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Something simple isn’t always something trivial, like a technology. The technology has been created as simple as anything but still has useful functions of course. The name of technology will continue to grow along with the development of an increasingly modern era with a variety of human thoughts that can create the latest sophisticated technology. Some simple techniques have been created by great scientists to facilitate humans in doing things. Various inventions in the field of technology will be very beneficial for humans. Well, those simple technologies are useful for humans to do things in carrying out their life activities. Curious about what technology is that? Check out the information below.

1.Off-grid messenger.

Off-grid messenger is a simple technology that allows you to keep sending messages with people who are very far away. You can send a message even if there is no operator signal. This tools will undoubtedly be handy for you, especially when you are in a place that is not reachable by a sign but must send a message with someone far away.

2. Finger ruler.

Finger ruler is a device worn on your finger that is used to measure the length of an object. You can measure an object without using a meter or ruler. The measurement results obtained are undoubtedly accurate.

3. Scan and draw pen.

Scan and pull pen will be very useful for those of you who want to pick an object and give it the same color as the desired object. This pen will automatically remove colored ink according to the color of the object that has been previously scanned. With just one pen you can draw with various colors as desired.

4. Portable mini printer.

Do you belong to someone who always needs a printer? If you are in a place outside the home that requires you to print a document, you can use a portable mini printer. This tools can be used anywhere because the mini form is not like a printer in general. It’s beneficial but straightforward, of course.

5. Finger Reader.

Technology is indeed increasingly sophisticated as with the birth of a FingerReader technology that will be very useful especially for people with special needs such as the blind. The FingerReader tool will be mounted on the finger and only by pointing the reading to a book will the sound emit according to the interpretation.
The list of 7 simple technologies that have been mentioned turns out to have significant benefits for you. Use technology as best you can to make it easier for you to do something in your daily life.


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