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The Easiest Way To Fix A Company

Companies don’t just crash all of a sudden; oftentimes, there are signs when a company is headed for a crash. If you notice some of these things happening in the workplace, you may want to take drastic measures.

  • Projects are always delivered late – Whether the implemented project delivery methodologies are inefficient or the employees simply have been slacking off, when projects are consistently late, a company is bound to lose its clients no matter how good the quality of the produced works are.
  • Imbalance of assigned tasks – In a highly efficient workplace, employees in the same rank should be given more or less the same number of tasks with the same level of difficulty. While more skilled workers may be able to handle more difficult tasks, if you notice that some employees are consistently working late while others are consistently going home early or on-time, these may be the possible cases:

A more efficient and more diligent employee has to pick up the slack of the less efficient and lazier employee.

Some employees like to bite off more than they could chew. In the long run, these employees will eventually start to burn out and under-deliver.

A team leader could be assigning the wrong tasks to the wrong people.

  • High Employee Turnover Rate – If most employees quit their job in less than a year, then the company will have to keep spending valuable time and resources for interview and training.

While a lot of employers panic and immediately hire consultants or fire and hire new employees, most of the time, these problems could be fixed using a simple tool: employee monitoring software.

Because most of the work-related tasks are done electronically, a great way to detect problems in the workplace is to use some sort of monitoring tool (like a keylogger: Companies have been looking for the most efficient way to monitor the activity of their employees in the office computers, and so far keylogging software wins because of its minimal impact on system performance and hard drive space while remaining hidden and out of sight. Here are some of the things keylogging software can do to help you fix your company:

  • You can track the amount of work done for a specified period of time. If a project was delivered late, a quick look through the keylogging software log will allow you to pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • You can easily see who the diligent employee is and who the slacker is based on their activity on the office computers.
  • You can see if an employee has too many tasks, based on how active he is on the computer and how much work he accomplishes.
  • You can see if an employee is unfit for a task based on how he executes them on the computer.
  • You can check if an employee is looking for another job using the office computer and perhaps even see the reasons behind it.

Employees are the pillars of a company; without a stable team, the company can easily plummet to its doom in less than a month. By monitoring office computer activity using keylogging software, the employees’ efficiency and satisfaction with the company are always kept in check.



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