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May be you have heard about Samsung Galaxy note 3 being released. But have you been in close contact with the device then or have you come across its many tech fetish features? If not, then you should know that out of many features Samsung Galaxy Note 3 runs on the latest Android application that is Jelly Bean. The screen is super AMOLED and this feature is not visible in usual Galaxy budget smart phones.

What Makes Galaxy Note 3 An Innovative Thought Production

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Innovative Additional Gear Gadget

Resolution and Processor

The screen is roughly 5.7 inch along with a great visibility option. The pixel density is about 386ppi, which is quite a good bargain if asked. The colors are vibrant and much to look for. The processor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is Snapdragon 800 equipped with 2.3 GHz quad-core Krait 400 processing unit. The Ram is about 3 GB, which is quite a good deal for Smart Phone Lovers.

Storage and Memory

There are many storage options to this Smart Phone. The Smart phone comes along with an internal memory of 16/32/64GB and this can even be expanded to about 64GB with the help of microSD card slots. The Drop Box storage option provides the users with 50GB of free space, which is quite commendable from Samsung.

Atlanta Mobility Affair

On October 1st, Mobility LIVE has been celebrated for the very first time in Atlanta and as many as 400 people were attendees. This one significant day of celebration of mobile technology was mainly witnessed by leading edgy mobile tech developing engineers. This one day long fest had many latest technologies being introduced to the public and how it can define our life in the future.
To name a few Paul Mankiewich from Cisco Mobility was present there along with Tom Daly, who is well known for being the Director of global Interactive market that too in The Coca Cola Company and Alan Dabbiere from AirWatch and Ralph de la Vega, the CEO and President of AT&T Mobility.

This fest is considered to be one of the biggest events in the world at the moment, since it has brought together many intelligent and innovative thinkers under one roof for a day. Ralph of AT&T mobility thinks the same and has advocated the event in the same manner as mentioned above. This LIVE fest has proved that Atlanta is one of the world’s greatest zones of mobility ecosystem. The Samsung Note 3 had been hugely praised for its innovative features and user interface in the fest.

The Galaxy note 3 is equipped with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and thus is featured with more Touch Wiz apps. You can run hundreds of applications in the smart phone, for example applications helping you to create ringtones for free.

Most of the leaders are considering this event to bring upon real world impact to the present mobility solutions in the country and has made tech companies to hope for better innovations in the times to come.


The one day LIVE Mobility affair was all about mobile technology and different ways of innovating it with time. Different mobile companies came up with different thoughts and ideas that would not only help Atlanta but even other countries of the World to appreciate new Mobile technology considering their huge importance in our lives.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest development and installment in the Samsung Galaxy family. It is considered to be the best model so far being launched by the company.


Samsung Galaxy note 3

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