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Benefits Of Computer Monitoring In The Workplace

Keystroke logging is a common practice in big companies when it comes to monitoring their employees’ computer activities, especially when the employees use gadgets or devices that the company provides. At first glance, this seems like the invasion of the employees’ privacy. Upon further look, though, most employers and employees tend to agree that there are several benefits to this practice.

Benefits Of Computer Monitoring In The Workplace

Below are some benefits that computer and employee monitoring provide:

  1. Computer monitoring can keep track of an employee’s productivity. By using keystroke logger software (by example this:, the employer can check how productive each hired hand is on a daily basis. For example, Employee A can finish encoding ten resumes in thirty minutes, Employee B can finish twenty in the same amount of time, and Employee C can finish only five. By monitoring all three employees’ keystroke activities, the employer is made aware of each one’s hourly progress. The employer can now use this data to figure out a way to standardize the output of his employees, and improve the performance of the company as a whole.
  2. Keystroke loggers can help protect the company’s devices from potential threats. These include hackers (from both inside and outside the workplace), computer viruses, and malware from malicious web sites. For example, Employee D accidentally clicks on a link that takes his browser to a suspicious website. Some keystroke logging software are also equipped with protection against malicious sites, and automatically block off the page from corrupting the computer and the company’s network.
  3. Keyloggers can monitor an employee’s Internet usage. The employer can also use a keylogger to check the amount of time his employees spend on social media and Internet browsing in general. This often disciplines the employees and stops them from spending too much time on Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms, or forums during office hours. Unnecessary and excessive Internet surfing and browsing is also limited, especially to sites that have nothing to do with the nature of the company’s business.
  4. Computer monitor can serve as check and balance. This is especially important for companies or departments that rely heavily on data. Some keystroke logging programs automatically send updates to the administrative officer’s computer every five minutes. This makes it easy for him or her to check if the other employees are doing their assigned tasks correctly, or if there are lapses that they need to go back to and fix.
  5. Employee monitoring software informs employers of their employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Keystroke logging can be used not only to “spy” against the employees and check for their mistakes. It is also a helpful tool to inform the employer how his employees are performing. Through the reports that the keystroke-logging program gives, the employer is aware of his subordinates’ strengths and weaknesses, thus providing helpful information should he decide to reshuffle teams or departments. This will also help him choose those who are deserving of promotions because of their excellent performance, and those who need constant reminders or reprimands because of their poor performance.



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