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Apple were the ground breakers in mobile gaming technology, well, not so much the technology, but the way in which gamers can look for and purchase games. The App store revolutionised the smart phone industry and made way for other stores for Android devices.

The only problem with app games and the like, is that you can’t have the same multiplayer worlds that you can have on a desktop device over the internet. Now 4G may change this somewhat in by providing a somehwhat faster internet experience but can a smartphone ever have the level of capability for these multiplayer games. I would imagine that it might be a case that they have the potential to become functionary second devices like the new Wii U. As I don’t ever believe that a mobile device could provide the level of immersive game experiences that desktop players are used to in todays world.

However, the smart phone manufacturers will try their best to get into this sector of the market as their is the potential to make some serious profits if they can make it happen and  the other reason is that mobile devices would mean that phone owners could play these multiplayer games from a far wider variety of locations, rather than being tied to their laptops or computers.

The remarkable popularity of online gambling and casino websites such as M88 Mansion in particular means that their is an insatiable demand for the technology required to make these gambling games and websites better. The iphone was successful in bringing the gaming experience to a phone, but who might take it to the next level? Samsung have recently brought out the Galaxy Note 2 – a phone with a massive 5.5inch screen and its on android, which has a lot more potential for these multiplayer games.

What lies in the future? Who knows, but it’s going to be an exciting few years ahead!


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