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Now days, many men sport different styles of beards. From the large, unkempt bushy style to the highly man capped and everything in between, there has been a rise in the number of men sporting facial hair. Many men are using their facial hair to enhance their personal appearance and sense of style. There are a few things to keep in mind should you wish to sport your own facial style.

Choose a Style

Choosing a style that suits your features and personal style is important. Not everyone can carry all the looks that are currently in fashion. Once you’ve chosen which style you wish to wear, the next step is creating a maintenance routine for it. Be realistic with your abilities and the time involved. A highly landscaped style will require a lot of maintenance and regular trimming. To maintain a style like this, you will need to either have the equipment at home or visit the barber regularly.

Be Patient

Be patient with your beard. Like all hair, it takes a while to grow. If you’ve never tried to grow a beard before, it is a good idea to let it grow out to start with so you can see just it grows and plan a suitable style around that. It will take about a month for the beard to grow properly and give you an idea of what looks can be worn.

Apply Conditioner or Beard Oil

Apply conditioner or beard oil to your beard regularly, especially while the beard is first growing. Conditioner and oil will keep the hair soft and helps with the itchiness. Normal shampoo can be used on beards just avoid washing your face with shampoo. It is recommended to wash your beard no more than twice a week unless you participate in activities, such as sport or outdoor work, that result in a lot more sweating than normal and then you should wash it more often.

Don’t Forget to Groom After Eating

Don’t forget to groom after eating. Carrying a small comb with you can be very helpful in maintaining beard hygiene while away from home. There’s nothing worse see leftovers hanging around a beard. If you find that your chosen style does accumulate food after eating then it is time to trim or consider a new style. Leaving food in your beard can create a hygiene problem and is unsightly. For safer shave, you can use a vacuum bread trimmer, which will take the cut stubble inside of the trimmer instead of spreading everywhere.

If you can’t, Don’t

If you can’t, don’t.  Not all men can grow a good beard. If your beard grows through in patches or scraggly, then it’s probably best to not have a beard at all. In this case, it is probably better to concentrate instead on a good, clean shave.

Mind Your Diet

A last point to keep in mind is your diet. A healthy diet will promote hair growth and fish is especially good for hair. It is important to maintain a balanced diet with the essential vitamins to promote normal hair growth.

Whichever style you choose, it’s your beard and if you don’t like the style you have chosen, it is very easy to change it. Let loose and experiment to find a style that you like and suits you. Along with your beard do not forget your nose, ear and eyebrow hair too. Instant Grooming, a famous men’s grooming blog says that 40% of your facial look depends upon your nose, ear and eyebrow hair maintenance.


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