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The digital world is continuously witnessing a radical growth in the last few decades. Thanks to the innovative social networks like Facebook, Tweeter etc which binds people through the Internet world. Individual’s citizens of independent countries are becoming global citizens under the umbrella of the World Wide Web. With the advent of internet citizens are transforming to ‘netizens’ in this new communication era.

With the popularity of the social media new working websites more and more new websites are mushrooming. But only few stay in the mind of the people which are unique and offer meaningful value to the users. One such one is the instagram which has captured the eyes of million people across the globe. As per the recent statistics the instgram has achieved a phenomenal growth as the users have increased from 5 million to 40 million in the year 2011. As on date over a billion photos were upload in the website of instagram and the number is increasing every day.

Food industry gets the new video instagram applications

It is very interesting to note the instagram website is rightly used by some of the restaurant holders across America. Giants from the food industries like Dunkin’s Donuts and the famous Strabucks are effectively using the instagram in accelerating their brand awareness. By capitalizing these new websites even they organize regular contests to attract customers. Using the instagram the food companies make the customers to post their images with their favorite food products for an opportunity to win a prize in the contests. By this innovative marketing strategy the companies engage their customers and also increase a good traffic with their followers.

Instagram has broken the pattern of using the conventional images and has made some innovation by sharing instant pictures that one could not even imagine. It offers a great opportunity for the business owners to promote their brands across a wide range of social network.

The new video instagram has wider applications that are used in the major restaurants in America. This is very much endorsed with a fact that 60% of images upload in the instagran sites are related to food and drinks. These food companies have started posting the food images in the website instead of posting the comments in the social network sites. The images are so sharp in testing our taste buds. Mouth watering images of soups and other delicious dishes can make quick orders by online. Images are considered to be better for marketing the food products. Colors used in the food images offer more thrill to the viewers than the quality words. Undoubtedly the instagram seems to be great marketing tool for the food products.

Restaurant owners always accept a fact that a picture is well remembered than a thousand vocabularies. The role of instagram in the restaurants have just started. It is a new beginning for a fascinating food industry. Check here for instagram application in different industries. For more exiting and delicious news about instagram log on


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