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What is a CCIE-Voice (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert- Voice)?

The CCIE-Voice is the highest available certification from Cisco for specialists in voice networking solutions. Only a small number of professionals worldwide have achieved this qualification and it is considered the height of achievement for any professional in the field.

Who are Cisco and where do they fit into my company?

Cisco are world leaders in networking solutions which include software and hardware such as routers, switches, data storage solutions and the other “nuts and bolts” behind the smooth running of you IT systems within your company.  If you are looking to implement a efficient and agile IT solution for your company the chances are that you would have be recommended to or are already using Cisco products. In order to ensure their products are implemented successful and optimized for their customers, Cisco have also produced a range of certifications so clients can see the level of expertise an individual has in Cisco’s products one such certification is the CCIE –Voice (among other CCIE tracks) but can range from the entry level CCENT right up to the CCIE and even higher level design/architect certifications.

What is Voice Networking and why is it important to my business?

Cisco Voice networking in a nutshell could potentially revolutionize your business. Voice solutions involve moving your traditional telephone lines over to your internet (IP) network (known as VOIP) giving you more flexibility and control over your telephone service. In many cases VOIP is now so well implemented that you might not even know you are talking over a VOIP line. The advances in Internet provision and cabling mean that voice data can now be transmitted through new faster cables such as fibre optics, meaning that unlike in the past VOIP communication is clear and reliable.  Call costs can be consolidated with VOIP and it is often cheaper than traditional landlines, especially for international calls. Another example of the agility of VOIP is that the way it can be easily configured to allow for home workers and “hot-desking” with a specific number being able to follow the user wherever they are located in the country or indeed in some case the World.

What can a CCIE-Voice do for my business?

When you engage a CCIE of any discipline you are guaranteed to get the best in his or her field. The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert qualification is considered to be one of the most difficult to obtain certifications in the industry, so if you see this credential on a candidates CV then you can be sure that you are getting the cream of the crop. The voice designation tells you that this individual is a master of Voice Networking and will be able to design, implement, troubleshoot and maintain highly complex and innovative voice networking solutions. If you have a CCIE-Voice dealing with your VOIP implementation then you can rest assured that the job will be done to the highest possible standards.

Where can I find out more about the CCIE-Voice and Cisco?

To find out more about the certifications offered by Cisco such as the CCIE-Voice or about Cisco’s data and voice networking solutions and how they may help make your business successful, then visit Cisco’s official website and learning center or talk to any Approved Cisco Partner.


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