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Hair is one person’s crowning glory. For women, taking good care of one’s hair can hugely help one in looking a lot better. Wherever you are and whenever it may be, it is best to make sure that your hair’s properly styled to continue looking hot and fab. Whether you are in the office, home, or out shopping, keeping that hair dressed and made up properly can make you stand out from the crowd. To help you get the fab and chic look, here is list of the all-time most popular hair styles as identified by hair courses students and professionals.

  1. “Royal” Look. Princess Diana was always known for her elegance and simplicity. This rather simple and elegant hairstyle has been imitated by a number of women across all age groups. That makes this one of the most recognizable and coveted styles of all time no matter how young or old you may be.
  1. “Posh Pageboy”. Inspired by the hairstyle of former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham, this structuted style made her one of the style icons. This asymmetrical cut is one of the perennial favorites by women of all age groups and all classes.
  1. “Layered Locks”. Of Gossip Girl fame, Blake Lively’s hairstyle has become one of the most popular and requested styles in salons all over the country. Testament to this would be a New York Times Article that chronicled the craze for this style.
  1. “Rachel” Cut. Inspired by the hairstyle of Jennifer Anniston on Friends in the ‘90s, this hairstyle has been copied by more than 11 million women. A decade and a half after, a lot of women still try to go for this look as it is a frequent request in salons. This makes “Rachel” one of the most popular, and most-copied hairstyles of all time.
  1. “Shag” by Meg Ryan. This choppy, peppy shag best embodies a sexy but silly, quirky girl. This hairstyle has been imitated by millions and up to this very moment, a lot of men dig this look on their girls. This perhaps is one of those hairstyles that you may want to try.
  1. “Sleek Bob”. Sophisticated and confident, this flawless bob popularized by Dannii Minogue is the perofect hairstyle for an edgy, no-nonsense woman. Simple and easy to style, this is one of the leading choices when it comes to women who have their hairs styled in salons.
  1. “Feathered Flip”. This simple and vintage style can help you look your best. Done by 70’s icon Farrah Fawcett, this is still one of the most favorite hairstyle done by ladies.
  1. “Classic” Michelle Obama Cut. The first lady exudes confidence and grace, and this hairstyle helps you achieve that perfect simple, yet very confident look. This can be the perfect office hairstyle for anybody who wants to have that elegant, timeless character and look.
  1. “Blondie Curls”. Worn by Hollywood’s hottest star, Marilyn Monroe, this wasn’t really her original. However, nobody had and carried this hairstyle better than she did. She owned this look which can also give anyone that sex appeal that Marilyn Once had.
  1. “Pixie Crop”. In the late 60’s hairstylist Vidal Sassoon gave actress Mia Farrow this hairstyle which was seen in the movie “Rosemary’s Baby”. After seeing that movie, thousands of women went to salons to copy this hairstyle. They didn’t care if they had to shed inches of their hair as long as they’d have the same look as Farrow.

A simple change of hairstyle can definitely change the way a man sees a woman. Some may be too bold to try new, over-the-edge hairstyles. However, if you would want to stay safe, just pick from any of these hairstyles and you can never go wrong. Furthermore, if you are really interested when it comes to hairdressing and styling, learning the fundamentals from a reputable school by way of hairdressing courses Sydney is highly recommended.


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