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What Type Of Education Do I Need, To Become A Master Chef?

Do you have dreams of being a master chef in a posh restaurant or resort? While this is a well-paid career, it isn’t a career you can just walk into. In order to become a master chef, you must put in a lot of hard work through college and experience. You may not succeed in your goal for a decade or more. The good news is this is a career worth working towards.


Obviously, you should have a degree in culinary arts. Those that want to greatly succeed in the field should consider attending a culinary school, rather than a community college that offers the program. A secondary major you should consider is hotel and restaurant management. This degree isn’t necessary, but can greatly increase your chances of getting hired by an upscale hotel, restaurant, or resort. Carefully consider your options so that you make the best choices when it comes to your education. It will matter where you went to school and the type of courses you took.

What Type Of Education Do I Need, To Become A Master Chef?


The number of certifications available for those seeking to become master chef are endless. According to the website Education Requirements, “Certified training in cooking and food tasting from an accredited institute is a big plus point in the candidate’s profile.” You could even look into become certified in food and wine pairings, food presentation, etc. The Certified Master Chef Exam is a must as it is the highest level of certification for chefs.

On-the-Job Experience

Experience is everything when it comes to working as a master chef. A master chef must have at least 15 to 18 months as a senior chef at a well-known restaurant or hotel. Of course, landing that career will also require working your way up through prep chef, line cook, etc. In other words, this is a career that will require years and years of on-the-job training and experience. Those that want to really impress should consider training and working in restaurants around the world. An apprenticeship in Italy, France, or even Spain can wow your future employers.

Working as a master chef isn’t the end of the line, but it’s certainly an integral step in a chef’s career. Those that have dreams of owning their own restaurant should definitely have a goal to become a master chef so that they can learn as much as possible before venturing out on their own. While it may take over a decade to get to this point, the career of a master chef can be both challenging and rewarding. If you’re serious about a career in culinary arts, get started on your culinary arts degree and find your first job in the culinary field.

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