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Being a working woman and a mom will keep you too busy to take care of house cleaning. Neglecting cleaning will not only affect the looks of your home but will affect the health of your family. You should be happy that there are several professional cleaning services to do the cleaning jobs and help you to keep your house spic and span.
Is this the first time you are hiring a professional cleaning service? If so, you are sure to realize that it is a daunting task to choose the best from the too many options available. A wrong choice will leave you disappointed and your money will also be wasted. To avoid disappointment and wastage of money, you should consider some important tips.
Tip #1 – Look for licensed and insured cleaners
You cannot trust someone to enter your home to do the cleaning job unless they are licensed. License is a guarantee that they are reliable and trustworthy. Breakages may occur while cleaning furniture or other decorative accessories.
If the cleaner is insured, you can get the compensation for the broken things from the insurance coverage. Moreover, a cleaner may get hurt or injured while cleaning. If he is not insured it would be your legal responsibility to bear his medical expenses. License and insurance are very important.
Tip #2 – Make sure the cost of hiring is affordable
Cost is very important to be considered. You should make sure that the cost does not exceed your budget. You should also make sure that the cost quoted does not have any hidden charges. If you are signing a contract you should make sure that the cleaners are mentioned as independent contractors and not as employees. This will help you to avoid unnecessary taxation.
Tip #3 – Make sure the cleaning equipment and supplies are of good quality
Each cleaning company uses different equipment and cleaning products. If you want green cleaning things you should look for cleaning services that use chemical-free products. Look for companies that use technologically upgraded cleaning equipment.
Tip #4 – Ask for written checklist
Some cleaning services do not include high ceiling cleaning and some do not include laundry. It is better to get a written checklist to avoid arguing in the end.
Tip #5 – Find how long will they take to complete cleaning
Do you want the cleaning job to be completed quickly? If so, you should look for a company that sends a big team of cleaners. A big team will be able to finish the task fast.
Tip #6 – Ask them if they are comfortable with pets
Do you want your dog kennel to be cleaned? Cleaners may have allergy problems. Do you have rare pets like rats? The cleaners may be scared. If you have pets, make sure the cleaners have no objection.
I am sure now you have got an idea on the things to be considered, before hiring a cleaning service. Hire the best after taking into consideration all important factors.


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