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Finding good drain cleaners is very tough job. Especially in Toronto, drain cleaners are much difficult to find. You might be thinking right now that Toronto is quite a big city and you can easily find plumbers and drain cleaners in literally every street of the town then why I am saying that drain cleaners are hard to find?

Without any doubt you can find plumbers and drain cleaners in every street but the plumbers and drain cleaners I am talking about are the good plumbers and drain cleaners. The plumbers that can provide quality service without demanding too much money and are totally affordable.

There are still such companies that provide affordability along with the quality. One of the drain cleaner Toronto service provider is A & V Drain Corporation providing valuable services to the people.

Get to Know About A & V Drain Corporation:

If you have damaged drains and sewage system and you are looking for the best drain repair companies around Toronto then A & V can be the best choice for you. A & V Drain Corporation is a company owned by family and operating the plumbing business for over 7 years.

The company has a team which is very experienced and skilled in plumbing techniques and methodology. A & V Drain Corporation is famous for providing the high quality service in a large number of fields mainly drains, water proofing and plumbing. The company also provides customer service 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week for the clients. The special discount offers they give to the returned customers and the seniors are also worth mentioning.

You can call any time at their contact number or contact them through their official website by sending them request. The team will visit your house to have the estimate about the work and quotes.

A major benefit for the clients is that the A & V Drain Corporation charges for the job and not for the hours they work so that the clients cannot be charged for the time taken to identify the issue and only for the actual job done.

Drain Cleaning Services Provided by A & V Drain Corporation:

A & V Drain Corporation offers an enormous number of services to the clients. Some of them are mentioned for the interest of the readers below:

  • The installation of the drains along with their repairing and maintenance.
  • Clearing the clogged drains
  • Installing, repairing and replacing the catch basins
  • Installation of the sewage pumps
  • Installation of the sump pumps
  • Installation of the backwater valves
  • Installation of the grease tanks
  • Snaking drains
  • Inspecting pipes and drains by using video cameras
  • Installation of floor drains
  • Removal of tree roots
  • Water jetting using high pressure
  • Locating pipelines before landscaping and renovation processes.

Along with these, the company also provides some tips to clear the clogged drains at home as well.

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