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Your computer can crash for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is because it overheats. When the electronics overheat, there is the risk of damage and fire so it is important to care for your PC to avoid this issue. Crashing is the fail-safe to stop you from using it and reduce the risk of damage later on. Here are some tips to keep your computer cool so that you avoid the crashes and can keep working.

1. Make Sure the Air Can Flow:

When you are doing work, make sure that your fan is free so that the air can flow. The main reason for a PC to overheat is due to the fan being blocked. It doesn’t matter if you have a desktop computer, a laptop or a mobile device, the air needs to flow or the whole device will become too hot. 

If you are using it on a desk, check that nothing is blocking the fan, including the wall or desk! If you are using it on the move, make sure all plastic or covers are away from the fan at all times.

Tips to Keep Your Computer Cool to Avoid Crashes

2. Keep the Case Closed!

It may seem like the obvious option to keep the case open to allow the computer to breathe easier. This avoids the fan getting blocked, right? This is a complete myth! Something that many people fail to consider is the dirt and dust that ends up blocked into the fan. The case is there to prevent all of that from happening. 

The best way of looking after your computer and keeping it cool is by keeping the case closed. This is why many of the newer devices don’t have a removable case so you will not be tempted to try and help it breathe.

3. Upgrade Your Fan:

When the CPU runs, the CPU fan will work to keep everything cool. When you first bought your computer, this was the top of the range but technology advances. Now, it is likely that your fan is just working enough to keep the computer cool so it does the bare minimum – but you are expecting your computer to do more! 

Upgrade your fan so that it works for the needs of the computer. You should definitely upgrade if you have upgraded the CPU. This is an affordable option instead of having to buy a new computer.

4. Keep Your Computer Clean:

Computers get dirty. This isn’t just the screen! The insides of them get dirty too. This dust and dirt will lead to the fan being blocked and the electronics become dangerous. The best thing that you can do is keep your computer clean and do this on a regular basis. Use the products that are designed for computers to avoid any other issues with degrading electrical equipment!

You can keep a computer working for a long period of time but you will need to care for it and make sure it doesn’t overheat. The easiest trick is to make sure the fan isn’t blocked but this doesn’t do everything. You need to keep your device clean and upgrade components every now and then.

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This guest post was written by Olivia Ellison, a tech specialist. She has helped many people improve their computers when they have overheated. For more help, visit for tips and tricks to avoid overheating.



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