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Tips To Win The Lottery

If you read various books or search the web for how to win lottery, you’ll probably find tons of tips that actually don’t work. The lottery frequency schemes (you will be surprised to know that every number has an equal chance of winning, no matter how recently it was picked), software that’s supposed to be better at selecting a number & various other kinds of wishful thinking abound.

Tips To Win The Lottery

Thus, there is no way to forecast that which number will come up next in the lottery. The picking up of the number is completely random. Hence, the best an individual can do is to select unusual number so that he/she doesn’t have to split in case there’s a tie. Well, that doesn’t mean that there’s no way of increasing your odds of winning given below are few tips that will surely help you:

  • Since buying tickets is the first step in improving your odds. Thus, purchasing more and more tickets can definitely increase the chances of winning the lottery.
  • The most important thing is to buy tickets via Lotto Leader mobile platform. It is seen that 55% of people who have bought their ticket from here have actually won the lottery. Therefore, do not forget to buy lottery tickets online on mobile phone via this platform.
  • Another essential step is to pooling your money with other lottery players it is also known as a lottery syndicate. This basically means that you’ll have more tickets & more numbers to play with which also means you have better chances of winning. Though, you have to share your money also amongst other members but at the same time you will be wining be a lottery!
  • It is also advisable that one should play the unpopular games specifically when lottery is concerned since there will be more chances of winning it. Well, you can also purchase lotto ticket online through mobile phone for these uncommon games and increase your chances of winning it!
  • Don’t pick all of your numbers from the same group of number or the ones that end with the same digit. Although, it is possible that you might win but at the same time the chances of winning are very rare.
  • You will be surprised to know that according to the researches 70% of the all the lottery jackpots have sums that fall within the range of 106-176. Thus, it is also recommended that one shouldn’t pick consecutive numbers. If playing a jackpot with 5 winning numbers where the numbers generally goes upto 55, the total of your numbers should be between that particular range.
  • Various individuals play with numbers that corresponds to their date of birth i.e. between 1-31. Therefore if you pick a number which is higher than 31 then you won’t increase chances of winning rather you will also boost your odds of not sharing a jackpot with another winner.

Thus, these were the few tips that will definitely help you to win your lottery! All the best and fix in your number now!


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