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Student dorm rooms are usually frustratingly small. When you turn around, you are already in the roommate’s half of the room. If only one thing isn’t where it should be, the room immediately looks messy. One small closet is not sufficient for all of your clothing or footwear, especially if you are a girl. If you have these problems, you should read this article.


A comfortable bed, preferably with a quality mattress and pillow for a good rest after a long day of  learning, bedding, blankets and quilt for cold winter nights are essential for any student dorm room. Bed size is usually 90×200 cm, and you should have that in mind when choosing sheets in order not to get them too large or too small. Bring a couple of small decorative pillows with you to set them on a bed, because that bed will be used as a sofa as well. Spare air mattress is a good thing to have in a dorm room when someone comes for a sleep over.


A small rug that usually comes in the colourful variants and further decorates a room will do the trick. It is usually a good idea to look for rugs online, because there you can find plenty of designs and ideas that can improve the atmosphere and looks of your room.


As it is clear that the student dorm rooms are very small, it would be wise to use even the door in some way. Hanging a small whiteboard on the door is a way to add some life to your ordinary dorm room door. Hang the board inside the door, and use it as a scheduler. Write down the things you need to keep in mind before going out in the morning, or use it as a way to communicate with your roommate. Alternatively, hang the board on the outside of the door to write notes to other students on your floor. Encourage communication by writing the survey questions for passers-by to respond. Make sure to leave the pen out, as well.

Effective Design Solutions For A Student Dorm Room

Storage Space

If possible, remove all big closets from the room. Large closets occupy too much space, so a better solution would be to buy or build a bed with drawers underneath. Also, do not leave empty suitcases or and bags in which you brought your things. You can store stuff that you do not use so often and clothing that isn’t for the current season in a suitcase under the bed or on top of the closet.

Decorative Boxes

Most of the scripts, books, notebooks and stationery are usually spread out all over the desk and it often looks very messy. The simplest and the best solution for this dealing with this mess is to get large decorative boxes that are available in any better equipped shop. You can buy boxes in different colours, sizes and shapes and store in them scripts and materials for classes that you do not use frequently; also girls can store their jewellery and makeup in those boxes.

If you like any of these ideas, feel free to use them. I have another piece of advice for you: do not overdo with the room arrangement, because there is not enough space for it and it can turn into a complete mess if you turn all of your ideas into action. In any case, make sure to enjoy your stay in the dorm and to have a lot of good time.


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