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Tips & Tricks to Choose The Best Hero Bike Insurance

Hero bikes are the most popular and reliable two-wheelers in the Indian market. Millions of Indians trust them to move around daily, for various purposes. Still, accidents mostly come unannounced and one needs to be prepared for such unfortunate circumstances and the related expenses. Moreover, the law of the land clearly mandates that insurance is needed before using any motor automated vehicle in the country. In this article we will provide you some useful tips and tricks while selecting the best Hero bike insurance.

  • Identify Your Needs:

One of the main requirements for identifying the ideal Hero insurance policy is understanding your needs and what you hope to protect yourself from. The 2 main types of insurance available in the market are:

  • Third-Party Insurance

This is the most affordable form of insurance. The purpose it serves is to meet the legal requirements for riding your bike and any financial obligations that may arise due to damages caused by you to another person or their vehicle. However, it provides no protection in case of any damages suffered by your own bike. This is why Third-Party insurance may be useful for old bikes but not the recommended option.

  • Comprehensive Insurance

A comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, provides you protection from a gamut of risks and threats. Apart from all the coverage provided by a third-party insurance, this plan covers several types of expenses that may arise due to damage and repair of your own bike. It even covers theft of your bike and any damage due to natural or manmade disasters.

  • Select the Add-Ons:

While a standard Hero bike insurance plan can provide comprehensive coverage across a variety of expenses, not everything is covered. This is where you have the option of choosing one or more of the several useful Add-On covers available. Some of these include:

  • Zero Depreciation

The zero depreciation bike insurance helps you to get full value of your bike, irrespective of its age related depreciation in cost.

  • No Claim Bonus

Reduction in premium amount if no claims filed in the previous year.

  • Accessories Cover

Protect your accessories and other customizations with this cover.

  • 24×7 Roadside Assistance

Get round the clock assistance whenever you get stuck due to any technical or mechanical breakdown of your bike.

  • Compare Hero Bike Insurance Plans:

Now that you have clearly established your insurance needs and the kind of add-ons, it is time to compare the different plans. This is an important activity so that you get the best cover at the most cost-effective premium amounts. Comparing the terms of different policies is easily done online. You can even get the premium estimates using their online calculator.

  • Apply for Hero Insurance Online:

Not only for comparison, but you can also most conveniently buy a Hero bike insurance plan online. All you need to do is fill in some personal details and information like bike registration, chassis number etc on trusted insurance company’s page. After uploading the relevant documentation you can proceed to make the payment. The benefits of buying, maintaining and renewing your Hero insurance online include:

  • Better deals, offers and discounts.
  • Easy to check online reviews to find the right insurer.
  • Quick, Convenient, and Paperless: no need to visit branch offices or go through piles of documentation. Online policy application is paperless and can be easily done from the comfort of your own home.
  • Simple Application, Claims and Renewal Process: No need to provide user information multiple times, especially while filing claims or renewing your policy. Renewal can be done in a matter of a few clicks.

In Summation

Having a good financial plan is quite important, and insurance is one such aspect of every good plan. So, bike insurance should not be bought with only the intention of complying with the traffic laws, one must also consider expert reviews and compare policies only. Insurances are a great way of securing your bike and lending a helping hand when you most need it. By choosing the right plan and associated add-ons, you can safely protect yourself from a multitude of risks and threats that may befall.


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