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Above the curved LCD display experiment almost all the major companies involved in the production of electronic equipment. First it was the creators of the very large TV. And now came the turn of smartphone manufacturers. The first commercially successful machine with a curved display in the market brought South Koreans. Their Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge now enjoys great demand, in spite of its huge cost. And now time is again going to change, as the most powerful smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is about to come.

Do you remember a recent smartphone Note Edge, one device called a mixed reaction among consumers? It has only one curved side. It made him very strange and asymmetrical. Yes, and it should be understood that the particular utility function curved portion of the display can not be held – it is perceived by most people as an element of decoration. Then why curved was only one side? It’s not good for design. The answer to this question is known only to the leaders of the South Korean company, fortunately, the design of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, they thought better of it. In this device were both oblique sides. This makes it much more likable. Not to mention the originality – it overshadows the device iPhone 6 and flagship products from some other companies. And now we don’t expect any mistake in the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

You can safely say that the novelty is a smartphone to boast. If before all praised the unit purchase from Apple, now it was the turn of South Korean products. In the end, an unusual iPhone And Galaxy S6 Edge has a curved on both sides of the screen – a kind of miracle of technology. It seems that such a device will cause the admiration of even a year. Only then warning in advance other manufacturers, then this model will cease to be original. The company itself Samsung positions the model as a flagship. More precisely, the leader of one of the versions – by conventional Galaxy S6 device differs primarily namely screen. Against this background, it becomes clear why the new product is considered to be the smartphone to boast. And now more expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is going to come and no doubt there would be a price drop for other Samsung smartphones in the high-end range for example Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

The smartphone S6 Edge cannot be called a compact, but the last unit of the Galaxy Note line of his superior size accurately. The reason is most curved display, whereby the creators managed to reduce the width. To be precise, the dimensions of the device are 142.1 x 70.1 x 7 mm. Looks unusual device, you cannot argue with that. Using them comfortable – thumb reach almost any point on the screen. Of course, this does not apply to people with small hands – they should look for the device simpler and more compact. But people who are ready to face it then, wait for the massive Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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