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Types Of Head Cover For Muslim Women

Veil or a covering is a piece of clothing which is mainly used to cover the head or face. This is mainly used by Muslim women when they go out in public. It is mostly associated with holiness and women. It is a kind of cultural identity for Muslim women as well.

A veil can either be a loose scarf which one can put over head and a part of it can be used to cover the face when a woman wears a cloak to cover every inch of their body. there are different types of Muslim veils available in the market and one can pick any of them depending on where they live and what suits them and in their community.


When one talks about hijab dress, one should also know that it is a kind of scarf that is mainly worn to cover the hair and the neck. It is a rectangular or a square piece of cloth which can be folded and then put over the head and then tied under the chin. Once a Muslim woman attains puberty they need to wear a hijab when they go in front of adult males. A hijab can be available is various colours and shapes. One can pick the colours to match their outfits. In fact, it is a very common thing worn by almost all Muslim women all over the world.

Types Of Head Cover For Muslim Women


This is also a scarf which is also a combination of scarf and head veil that can easily cover the ear and neck. But this never covers the eyes. This thing often extends till the middle of the back and the chest area from the front. This can be worn with a burqa or other clothes. This noqab is very commonly used among Muslim women who live in Yemen, Bahrain, Saqudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and UAE. Also one can find Muslim women wearing this who live in African Islamic countries and India.

Types Of Head Cover For Muslim Women


This is an outer garment which covers the whole body from the top of the head till the toes. Here, in this garment the entire face is covered but the eyes portion is covered with a mesh screen or a transparent cloth which makes one able to see outside. This is a daily clothing option for Muslim women and this is mainly worn when one goes to a public place. They are mostly worn m=by women of Afghanistan.

Types Of Head Cover For Muslim Women


It is an open cloak which is worn by Muslim women at public places. It is very prevalent in Middle East mostly in Saudi Arabia and Iran. It is actually a full length semi circular garment which has no hand openings. It is held together by the hands at the front. This is mainly available in black colour but at present other solid colours are also available.

Types Of Head Cover For Muslim Women

There are other common head scarves are also used. One of them is Dupatta which is mainly used in India.

One can buy varieties of head scarves from hijab store online.


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