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Ultimate Community Services Provided For Asia

Nowadays, many people are suffering especially the oppressed class has because the world is undergoing a drastic change due to political or social moves. Many Christian missionaries across the world are rendering services for the oppressed and backward sections of the society who are actually seen as unneeded and unwanted people by the society. The sufferings or the trauma they witness are removed by the various missionary organizations.

Gospel for Asia , a topmost missionary NGO works to uplift this weaker section of society and help them with the message of love of Christ. The missionary organization Gospel for Asia is serving mankind in the best way possible not only in developed foreign countries but also in some of the main South Asian countries. They are helping people to relieve them of their trauma and sufferings so that they can prosper and be successful in their life and make a better living for themselves. The weak and oppressed community is being trained to make them aware of their duties and rights in the life and even taught to serve humanity in the best possible manner. The various services provided by the organization are:

  • The organization drilled up many “Jesus Wells” on World Water Day in the areas where people who are seen as untouchables can get proper water facility. There are many backward villages still operating in our country where the lives of some people are miserable as hell because they are stopped from using village water wells due to some superstitious beliefs. This lead to worse and pathetic situation which they have to face in their daily lives.
  • The missionary also provides food and medical help to the people in the affected areas due to disasters caused by natural calamities. These can be landslide, flood, tsunami, drought etc. which adversely affect their lives and the people have to face poor and miserable conditions.
  • The availability of food, shelter and clothing is also provided to the poor people who are facing adverse conditions in the villages or even during the man-made disasters and natural calamities.
  • People who are suffering with health disorders like leprosy are also given special treatment and care by providing treatment and medical aid by the NGO and even their kind and compassionate services towards the patients have helped them to recover faster.
  • Many moral value-based schools are opened by the Christian missionary organization which is spreading the love and teachings of Christ and even this has helped many children across the nation as well as backward areas to gain proper education facilities.

The Christian missionary organization, Gospel for Asia has helped many people from remote backward communities to restore their belief and faith in God. As they believe in:-

  • Everyone is equal in God’s eyes and so equal service should be provided to humanity.
  • There is no discrimination done on the basis of any particular sex, caste, creed or religion.
  • They believe in spreading the message of Jesus to the world and to help and motivate people to follow the right path and commit good deeds.

Thus, it can be seen that the Christian missionary organization has helped the society and community in many great ways.


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