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Since the dawn of the smart phone, consumers have been inundated with applications that started as a way to increase the functionality of the new devices and quickly grew into a cultural phenomenon. Now these applications float around in the ether, packed into phones by the dozen – used or unused. They’re quick diversions, productivity boosters and marketing tools, but soon they may become much more.

Complaints over what iPhone can’t do that Android can bring on a bit of competition between the iOS and Android platforms (sorry, but WebOS is a non-issue at this point). Each mobile applications platform has its pros and cons, and the development cycle for each platform has is draws and setbacks for the developer. But, God save us, we gotta have our apps by any means necessary.

Well, it looks like the means is cross platform development.

The explosion in development across platforms has been powered by the democratization and streamlining of mobile platform development by products like BrewMP and its competitors. Some have brought iOS development to PCs to further broaden the pool of talent with access to the tools to create innovative mobile products. These dev products have many a mobile developer out there trying to break the boundaries and the rules for the bosses of high tech. Intense focus on marketing a service that creates money from apps within apps fuels this mobile development platform like no other. It’s a major niche that hasn’t, as of yet, been cornered.

Many App Creators Have No Loyalty

Sad, but true. One app gets created and does something specific in an attempt to make money, but the creator of the app markets it any way he can. He can sell it to Motorola or Apple, sell it as a smart phone app or a tablet app; it makes no difference to him as long as it is downloaded often and makes him money. This is very frustrating to consumers who discover an app they would really like to try but can’t because iOS doesn’t support it or Android can’t load an iOS-supported app.

Whereas it took a working knowledge of development platforms to create apps for phones and tablets, BrewMP bridges the gap between these platforms and offers full-featured development tools to people who aren’t already well-versed in code. This has opened the door to thousands of new ideas in the market and jump-started mobile development. Instead of waiting for a dream app to show up in an iTunes or Android store, users are encouraged to create it themselves. All the tools to develop, design and monetize the app are offered, creating what is essentially a one-stop shop for mobile development needs.

As programs like this pick up steam we will see mobile applications development become more sophisticated and varied to meet the increasingly demanding consumer.

And that’s why it’s important to open the door as much as possible to new ideas with these new development programs. Their multipliable functions will change the minds of big companies and how they do business to satisfy the needs of consumers. “Small” businesses filling very specific needs have a history of reshaping larger businesses for the better. That’s how it should be: less frustration and more monetary flow for everyone.


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