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Private Cloud Computing was the beginning business model and still is for the most part.
The private ones are referred to as a  VPS .
The appeal of cloud computing is that customers do not need to know or understand how it works or what types of technologies are involved. All we need to be concerned with is the reliability of it as well as the ease of access from anywhere.Cloud Computing has become a common term and it simply means anything that delivers hosted services accessed through the internet. There are some differences from traditional hosting. Cloud Computing allows you to purchase it by the minute or hour. You can have as much or as little as you want and need. The only thing a customer needs is access to the internet.The cloud computing term basically means that data and files are stored in a virtual cloud and not in an actual physical location such as your place of business.

You do not have to install any programs or applications in order to access your stored data and files. Placing it in a virtual cloud, you will also have unlimited access to it from anywhere in the world, literally. All you have to have is your account/log in information and internet access.

Imagine if you are travelling to an important business meeting and you lose your lap top. All of your business information is stored in there along with your presentation for the meeting. So what happens now? Can you quickly recover from this and get the information you need in time? If you do not have an immediate answer for this dilemma, then a Private Cloud may be just the answer for you. That is where a virtual cloud service can be priceless. If all your data and files are stored with in a private cloud you can access it from any computer any where at any time.

How secure is Private Cloud computing? Very secure, since your data and files are stored away from any physical location it removes many risks. In the event of a disaster or a virtual attack you could lose all of your data and may never be able to recover it. This type of loss could cripple your business. Since all of your data and files are securely stored away there is less risk of lost, corrupted or stolen data due to server issues or theft. The cloud allows you to have multiple back up files that cannot be stolen or destroyed.
Cloud Computing, Private Cloud, Virtual Cloud are not just the next buzz word. These data banks and the services they provide are here to stay with vast appeal and power.



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