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Most employers know how important a good working environment is for the morale and productivity of their staff. Healthy, productive offices will show themselves through that all-important ‘buzz’, sense of purpose and tangible feel of a happy and motivated team. Conversely, poor office atmospheres will show themselves in lethargy, a lack of drive and purpose, and a lack of visible success.

The relationship between surroundings and our behaviours and feelings are heavily documented, and interior designers and office space consultants will work carefully with the office area to ensure that it is presented, organised and designed in a way that creates the right atmosphere.

Choosing the Right Office

If you are relocating and considering new office space, look for one that is modern inside and which has scope for personalisation – such as branding, design, flexible layouts and plants. Look for modern and clean features, such as excellent bathrooms and meeting rooms, kitchen or canteen space and plenty of natural light.

All of these elements will have a powerful impact on the working atmosphere. Many of the office new-builds in Weybridge offer these features as standard, and have been designed with modern working practices, such as open plan offices, in mind. However, original conversions can also offer superb premises, especially those in the creative, digital or media sectors where surroundings are important for entertaining clients and showcasing work.

The Impact of Power

Colour has a powerful effect on energy and moods. Sales people often respond well to red shades, which signify power and energy. Blue is typically associated with corporate and financial environments and green is associated with healing and tranquillity. Yellow is often linked with intellectual pursuits and orange is known for encouraging creativity.

Ways To Create The Perfect Office Atmosphere

Pick your colours carefully and don’t over-do the final effect. Soft neutrals with some bright colour ‘pops’ are usually a good solution. Avoid too much bright white too, which can be a little harsh when over-played. Remember that light colours will reflect natural light and increase energy. Darker shades will create a cosier, more muted effect. Think about the nature of your business and the atmosphere that you want to create.

The Impact of Layout

If you’re starting from scratch with your layout, then you’ll find that the offices Weybridge has to offer have plenty of scope for re-design and organisation. Avoid cramping desks together and leave plenty of space for movement and the flow of energy. Consider implementing a clear desk policy that avoids clutter and encourages creative working. Place water dispensers at natural break out and hub points around the office and place chairs here to encourage informal meetings and discussion.

Plants and Office Atmosphere

Many offices will also have plants in them, to encourage greater air health. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, maintaining the energetic balance within the office, and helping too to absorb the negative emissions from an excess of digital and electrical equipment. Use the services of an office plants provider to establish the right mix for the available light and humidity conditions of the office.

Engage a project team to work on your office layout and create mood boards before committing to the final design. It is also profitable to engage your staff with the plans, to ensure they are bought-in and enthused


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