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Ways To Work Productively From Home

Over the last few years and due to new technological breakthroughs many more of us are turning to working from home. What was once a cause of concern for employers, due to worries over productivity, is now a commonplace working scenario. It maybe that you have just decided to take the plunge into this new form of remote working, or your business requires it; either way there are many benefits to working from home. So how can you make sure that you maximise your productivity when you are away from the office?

  Ways To Work Productively From Home

Connect to your Office PC from the Comfort of your Home

One of the main issues that we all face at some point is realising that the important information you need is currently at the office on your computer. Without being in the office you won’t be able to get to it and this could potentially cause further problems in the future. As with modern life, there is a piece of software that can help with this age old issue, a remote desktop protocol or RDP. This software will allow your laptop at home access to your office computer so that you can get all the items that you need. One computer, speaking to another so that you can control the monitor within your office where ever you may be, for more information you can visit Ericom.com.

How an RDP aids in your productivity is obvious; you can access your emails, documents and any other information you may need that you don’t have available at home.

Switch your Document Storage to Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has been around for a while ad it is never been more useful to us than now. Much like an RDP, having access to the documentation specific to your company is of the uppermost importance. This is where having some form of cloud storage that your company employ, is integral for times when different people are away from the office. This is especially helpful when you are working from home and not just for your productivity, but equally that of your colleagues who may be waiting on that report that you have to finish, but you are not in the office. At the end of the day everyone wins.

Use Skype and similar Packages so that you can Attend Meeting

There will always be a need to get in contact with your colleagues from time to time, even if it is just to ask a quick question. Ordinarily you would rely on emails for this, but as we all know, emails get lost, end up in spam or simply don’t get responded to for a while because of work load commitments. One way to increase your productivity, especially when you need a quick answer is to grab someone’s attention on Skype. This is instant messaging or face to face conversations from wherever you may be.

This enables you to get all the information you need quickly and also attend meetings that you may not have had the chance to go to before.



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