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Filing A Cell Phone Insurance Claim – What All It Takes

It’s true that your life has become more and more busy with every passing day and why not given the increasing demands on your lifestyle. This has led to the usage of quite a few gadgets that have not only become necessary, but rather indispensable to us. Yes, it might seem that you couldn’t do a day without them, but then it’s actually true. On top of this absolute necessary list is none other than your mobile or cellular phone. Imagine if you’d had to pass a single day without it. How exactly would you get through? Would it actually be possible or would you completed be befuddled with that one single day of your life? Well, you know it for a fact that the latter is most likely to come true and this is why protecting your cell phone has become not just important, but rather mandatory. Visit to find out more about this.

Filing A Cell Phone Insurance Claim – What All It Takes

The Process Involved with filing Cell Phone Insurance Claim

Now there’s a certain process involved with filing a cell phone insurance claim. Of course, Protect Your Bubble makes things a lot easier, but it always helps to know some basic stuff for yourself. After all, the right information can save you a lot of unnecessary hassles. Check out the following points.

  1. Find out how Old your Cell Phone is: 
  2. Determine the age of your cell phone by looking up the original paperwork from when you signed on, or by consulting your telephone support carrier’s web page. If your cell phone is less than one year old, it might still be under warranty you see. However, losing or damaging the cell phone probably voids the warranty. Basically each cell phone company has their own terms and conditions, so it depends on who is offering what. Hence go through the details.

  1. Know your Cell Phone Insurance Company:
  2. Figure out who your mobile cell phone insurance policy company is by checking your mobile telephone support provider’s web page, or by calling a customer support representative or visiting a local office location. The three mobile cell phone insurance policy providers are Asurion, Lock/Line LLC and Signal Holdings. Apart from that there’s online help as discussed above.

  1. Get in Touch with the Company: 
  2. Contact the plan company to file the claim, either online or by cell phone. Your mobile telephone support agency cannot file the claim for you.

  1. Give them your Credit Card Number: 
  2. Be prepared to give the plan company a major credit card number to cover the insurance deductible. This is not only convenient, but also takes care of the financial bit smoothly enough.

  1. Do get the Cell Phone Delivered: 
  2. Have the cell phone delivered to an address where someone will be home during the day to sign for it. Most insurance policy providers will not leave a new mobile cell phone in your mailbox. This is rather important for your mobile phone’s security you see, for otherwise you never know there might be another mishap waiting to happen.

If you drop your cell phone in the lake or send it through the wash with the device in your pocket, you’ll be glad you bought mobile cell phone insurance policy. Plans will help you replace the cell phone, often by next-day delivery, in exchange for an insurance deductible (usually about 50 dollars). Always remember, the policy must be bought when the cell phone is new and then you wouldn’t have the scope to repent. Hence keep in mind the above discussion and take action accordingly. It’s not a big deal for your precious device’s security.


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