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Geophysical InstrumentResearchers can use geophysical instrument at AGI in their efforts to study the earth. Geophysical instruments are used in a number of geoscience fields such as geochemistry, geophysics, mineralogy, hydrology, geomorphology and seismology. Without instruments of the highest quality, it would become extremely difficult for students or professional researchers to achieve their goals. One of the most effective and important uses of geophysical instruments is in the study of seismology, which permits the scientists to learn about earthquakes and to document them.

Some Common Geophysical Instruments

Some of the most commonly used geophysical instruments are Seismograph, Magnetometer, Ground-Penetrating Radar and Magnetotelluric. All of these instruments play a massive role in modern science and the study of the earth.

If you are looking to buy geophysical instruments for your lab or you are about to start a detailed study on earth and its structure, you may adopt the following strategies:

Consult Your Seniors

Before starting your research, you should talk to your seniors in the university or school and they would surely give you the best guidelines about how and where to buying geophysical instruments in your locality. Apart from your seniors, you should also talk to your teachers or the lab instructors about the issue and they may refer you to a place where you can find the required instruments without having to pay too much. It is highly recommended that you take an experienced person with you while buying a geophysical instrument so that you can be sure about the quality of the product before spending your hard earned money.

Use your Institute’s Instruments

If you require some geophysical instruments for personal research or study, you should try your best to get the instruments from your educational institute. If you are allowed by the head of the department and the lab manager, you will have to fill a form and take responsibility in case of any damage to the instruments. Use the instruments carefully and return them during the allotted timeframe. This technique can help you save a lot of money and hassle.

Search Online

We are living in a world of information technology these days and any kind of information can be obtained while staying in the comfort of your home. Log in to your computer and visit your favorite search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and search about the geophysical instruments you are looking for.

Visit Multiple Websites or Shops to Find the Best Deal

Visit multiple websites and thoroughly check the prices and the quality of the instruments. Many websites take online orders and will dispatch the products at your physical address. However, it is highly recommended that you do not go this route until or unless you are convinced about the quality of the instruments and the credibility of the website. Initially, you should limit your search to the city or region you are residing in as it will help you shortlist the shops or labs where you can find geophysical instruments. Before purchasing a product, you should inquire if those instruments can be rented as it will help you save some money.


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