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Do you have difficulties in understanding and checking your data? Do you really want to design data visualizations? Do you want to know how to use Tableau for checking the data? If your answer is yes to all or any of the above asked questions, then you have to take this course. Through this course, the candidates will know how to use and work with Tableau. Also, this course is designed to teach candidates all about the step by step process of visualizing data with Tableau. Candidates will also get hands-on training during the course.

What the course is about?

The Tableau data visualization course will let the participants know how to check the data using the data analytics. Added to that, candidates will learn how to create the data visualizations for viewing data and why data visualizations should be created for viewing the data. The best part of this course is that, candidates will be taught all the concepts with the example datasets, so candidates can grasp the things easily and quickly. Also, the candidates will be taught the most effective and best possible ways to present their data. This course will cover the basics, principles and concepts of working with Tableau and further this course covers the following topics,

  • Introduction to Tableau and data visualization
  • Connecting to files
  • Joining data sources
  • Live data connections Vs data extracts
  • Splitting data
  • Transforming data
  • Pivoting data
  • Difference between green and blue pills
  • How green and blue pills affect filters
  • How green and blue pills affect rows and columns
  • How green and blue pills affect dates
  • How green and blue pills affect colors
  • Setting data defaults to save time and more.

Who can do this course?

As far as this course is concerned, anyone that has the desire to learn something about Tableau can take this course. Or anyone that has the basic understanding of data visualization can take this course. Even experienced learners can also take this course to learn the novice ways of using the Tableau. Doing this course will make you reliable to view or understand or retrieve data from any devices or software or tools.


The candidates that are about to take part in the course are just expected to have a passion for learning this course and no other prior knowledge is required.

The Benefits of Learning the Course

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to,

  • Configure the data using sets and groups
  • Create line charts
  • Create bar charts
  • Improve the data using calculated parameters and fields
  • Design interactive data visualizations using Tableau that hold fast on best practices
  • Use tool tips to exhibit additional information when required
  • Create dual axis charts
  • Create histograms
  • Work on new visual analytics
  • Create maps
  • Create scatterplots
  • Create dashboard to merge multiple sheets and to allow interaction between the sheets
  • Add additional details to visualization using labels, shapes and sizes
  • Create heatmaps


Tableau data visualization course

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