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Vacuum drying ovens are highly resourceful equipment which has its applications in the field of engineering, laboratory research and industry. These ovens are normally utilized for sensitive drying procedures like removing flammable elements or drying very small parts.

The standard vacuum drying ovens can function at high temperatures like 200 degree Celsius to around 250 degree Celsius.  Some of the features of these ovens are high quality and the rugged pressure chamber, pump and gasket seals. Also, it comprises of convenient and programmable computer interface and controls.

These vacuum ovens also comprise of some special features which includes residual gas analysis and solvent recovery that helps in preventing too much of drying. In order to dry flammable solvents, make sure that you search for safety ovens that are been sanctioned for this kind of applications.

vacuum drying oven

Vacuum Drying Oven

Some areas in which vacuum drying ovens are applied

Drying through these ovens is mainly advisable for the substances that comprise of flammable solvents. At the time, it is dried in the ambient condition, normally these substances develop high exposure in the environment. This can be prevented with the help of these vacuum ovens.

These vacuum ovens for drying are suitable to be utilized in the semiconductor or electrical industries. This can also be utilized in the science sector as well as plastic industry. There are various capacities in which you can find these ovens. On the basis of your industrial use, you can select the capacity. There are some ovens that come with special safety tools which are mainly utilized in drying only flammable substances.

Some purposes of using vacuum drying ovens

There are mainly four purposes for which these vacuum ovens are utilized which are as follows:

Removal of moisture:

Some of the substances are temperature sensitive like medical devices, microchips and other such sensitive equipment which need to be dried, mainly at the final stage of the production procedure. This is when removal of moisture becomes very crucial and it is possible with these vacuum ovens.

Out gassing:

Out gassing also referred to as off gassing is a removal of chemicals from lubricants or sealants or in some metals. This is possible using these ovens.


It is a particular method that helps in accelerating the out-gassing process which is possible only with this kind of ovens. In this, heat is utilized for forcing volatile chemicals from the products.

Prevent reactions:

This is one of the best purposes for which these vacuum ovens are utilized. These have the control over pressure and temperature which offers the technicians the capability of preventing surface reactions like oxidation.

vacuum oven

Vacuum Oven

Some advantages of vacuum drying ovens

There are many advantages of using these ovens; however here are some of them noted down.

No oxidation procedure:

These vacuum ovens are able to offer no oxidation procedure as there is very less oxygen content.

Removes moisture

This is one of the main benefits that the ovens offer and it can remove moisture from all the crannies and nooks.

Consistent drying:

With this kind of ovens, you can get consistent drying with no hard skin left on top.

Gentle drying:

These ovens offer to dry in a very gentle manner and it does not disturb powdery and light items.

Less risk to technicians:

This is one of the major reasons why industries prefer to make use of these ovens. These ovens are able to remove gas from the dangerous chemicals and solvents rather than merging with the surrounding air.

These are some of the things you need to know if you are planning to use vacuum drying oven in your industry.


vacuum drying ovenvacuum oven

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