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The green initiative has really started to develop in the UK – with the net result that there are now a range of environmental jobs UK being advertised for the right professionals. Here’s my current list of the best and brightest:

1: A technical director of industrial energy management. This role requires the holder to strategically arrange a business’ waste disposal and overall energy management, so it adheres to CSR principles, Governmental legislation and the economic requirements of the business.

The role means providing industrial energy management as a service package to businesses all over the country, and as a result also incorporates training of staff and the raising of awareness of industrial energy requirements and their effects on the planet.

2: A senior evidence technician (marine). Marine evidence technicians do environmental jobs UK in the coastal waters off England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The basic thrust of the role is to build a picture of the effects that either specific industrial events or long term practices are having on marine life and coastal fauna and flora.

The right candidate for this role requires qualifications in marine science, and would probably benefit from experience with fisheries science, geomorphology and ecology. Experience in the social sciences is also a plus.

3: An environmental engineer. Environmental engineers work with client companies to make the best marriage of building and environment – and to make sure the environment of the building itself is an energy efficient, neutral ecosystem. The environmental engineer acts as the practical conduit between the senior ecologist and the commissioning business – making recommendations on the best ways to ensure that the ecologist’s findings and own recommendations are considered fully daring the design process.

The environmental engineer is also there to advise businesses on the best ways to retro fit existing properties and buildings to take new legislation in to account. In his or her ultimate role, an environmental engineer would be looking to condition a premises for a high BREEAM standard.

4: An air quality consultant. Working as part of an environmental jobs UK team, the air quality consultant is there to make sure that vital industrial explorations and services – from mining to oil exploration from waste management to the construction industry  – are carried out without significantly impacting on the quality of local air. In addition to air quality studies the candidate will implement a range of air quality surveys, first designing and then running them.

All of these environmental jobs UK represent opportunities to help well respected and motivated teams do their bit to drag Britain into a greener industrial landscape. No-one is disputing that insert and jobs need to be done and provided of course. But with the help of qualified, professional teams and service providers, it’s possible to deliver better industry, better employment and a longer lasting model of business.

The environmental jobs UK provided as the green initiative starts to fledge will grow in number. And they will grow in complexity as the environmental challenges we face, deepen.

About Author: Olivia is a freelance copywriter and environmentalist. He’s currently working with Ends Job Search promoting a variety of jobs including environmental jobs uk and specialist jobs in the conservation sector.


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