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Printed designs are used for all sorts of purposes, but perhaps none more so than for promotion or advertising businesses, products, services and events. There are literally thousands of different flyers being printed and distributed on daily basis, so it’s clearly a very effective way of promoting.

But, like with any form of marketing, it has to be done well, in order to be effective. So, what are some of the key things to keep in mind when designing your own marketing materials?

  • Simplicity – you want your design to be simple, easy to look at, and certainly not crowded
  • Eye catching – you want your design to grab the viewers’ attention, even if they only catch a glimpse of it
  • Original – your design should be original, something which is going to stick in the viewers mind
  • Key Information – you should make sure you include all of the essential information on your design, and avoid placing unnecessary content which will crowd the design
  • Use of Color – creative use of colour can go a long way in helping your design to stand out
  • Typography – the types of font you use can also play a huge part in grabbing the attention of people
  • Unique Cuts – by making your print design slightly different (rounded edges instead of a rectangle shape), can help your product stand out that extra bit

One of the best ways to find out what makes an effective design, is to look at a number of exceptionally effective designs which are already out there! So I’ve rounded up a very cool selection of some of the most interesting, original and creative print designs from around the web to help inspire you in your design projects:

Hopefully that’s helped to identify some of the key elements and components in creating an effective print design. If you can incorporate those into your design project, then you’ll yield some amazing results. Print is by no means a dead industry, it’s still very effective when done right, and is benefiting thousands of businesses every day.

So go and fire up Photoshop or your favourite graphics program and start designing your marketing materials!

Once you’ve got your design finished and you’re looking to complete the final step – having your design printed – you need to make sure you select a printing company who is well established in the industry with a proven track record. If they have a quality-check during the print process then that’s a great choice because you can rest assured that the printed designs you get through your letterbox look just as great as they do on your computer screen.

One company who offer such a service is NextDayFlyers, they print it all, whether you’re looking to print sell sheets, flyers, brochures, business cards, stickers, postcards or anything else, you’ll find it available there.

Author Bio: Nathan Daniels has worked in design and marketing for the past 10 years. He enjoys keeping up to date on everything to do with design, print, technology and creativity, and you can find him blogging about these things regularly here and at other top blogs around the web


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