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The Essence Of The Counsellor Assistance

The rapid pace of the modern life, makes people confront with numerous problems and difficult situations daily. And sometimes such problems cannot be solved in one moment. It may be really hard to find the right way out of them.

The Essence Of The Counsellor Assistance

If you have a toothache, you seek medical help from a dentist. In case you broke your hand, you go to a traumatologist. And what to do if your soul hurts? Of course, you may unburden your heart to your friends and they will definitely feel sorry for your situation. However such a variant isn’t efficient enough in case you have serious inner conflict that is hard to resolve alone, without professional assistance. In this situation it is better to apply for a competent counseling services. Sometimes we really need the help of a professional psychotherapist.

Psychotherapist aren’t a human consciousness manipulators, as many people think. They are professionals trained to assist people that have problem in their lives. Discussion is not the only instrument that counselors use in their practice. The psychotherapist also uses a variety of techniques, such as art therapy, body-oriented therapy, and many others. All the information that was discussed during the consultation is confidential. So, you may be sure, nobody will ever know about your problems unless you decide to tell about them yourself. The psychotherapist will never disclose this information.

In what situation you may need counselor’s help:

  1. Problems in interpersonal relationships.
  2. Uncertainty, communication difficulties, guilt, lack of understanding of others, inadequate self-esteem, difficulty in making decisions.
  3. Parent-child problems.
  4. Family problems.
  5. Divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job.

Also, it is necessary to understand that the psychotherapist will not:

  1. Hypnotize you, or perform some trick to make your problems disappeare in a moment.
  2. Solve your problem for you.
  3. Wave a magic wand and change the world to make it easier to live in.

Psychotherapist simply helps a person who was in a difficult situation or crisis, to find the most efficient and effective solution to the problem, providing support for him. Of course, it is important that it was a competent person, not an amateur, who read a couple of books and started to advise people on how to change their lives, thus injuring their state of mind. Of course, it is up to you whether to consult a psychotherapist or not. It is necessary to understand that the counsellor isn’t a teacher, but a guide that can direct you on the most difficult life stages.

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