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Making a workplace a safe place for employees is among the prime responsibilities of a business owner. Various types of hazards are present at workplaces, depending upon the kind of work being carried out. Strategically placed fire exit signs are among the few aspects worth paying close attention to in order to ensure that everyone is working in a secure environment. Before delving any further about how and where to place these signs it is important to understand their importance.

The prime reason for placing exit signs is to keep the employees safe in case of fire and other such hazards. By installing these signs along the exit route we can clearly mark the way employees can take in case of an emergency. Not only this but as per law as well, companies are required to display such signs at appropriate places. Inability to adhere to this rule can lead to penalty and fine. Apart from this, having exit signs in your office signals towards a gesture made by an employer to safeguard his workers; thus projecting you as a responsible and credible business owner.

The first and foremost requirement is to get quality exit signs designed and printed. It is crucial that the content of the sign is clear and easy to understand. Placing a sign with either the arrow sign or fire exit text is not acceptable, as it should have both, making it legible for all. Bright colours should be used, but judiciously, so as to make the sign attractive without appearing too crowded. Thus, choose a reputable company offering quality printing and designing services to get a good sign for your office premises.

Next factor is the areas where fire exit signs should be placed. Every building is required to have an emergency exit, apart from the main front exit. This should connect different parts of the building and offer a clear and accessible way for all the people present in the premises to vacate the area and reach a safe place. The exit signs should be placed along this exit route, especially around the turns, at appropriate distance. Also the signs should not be hanged too high or too low, as it can make it difficult for all to see. The height of the sign should be suitable, so that it can be easily noticed by all.

Many times business owners do not pay much attention to the placement of exit signs, considering these to be an extra and unnecessary task. However, it should be understood that these signs can prove lifesaving in the event of an emergency and should not be overlooked. Especially if you want to assure your employees that they are a valuable asset of your company, then you must display clear fire exit signs all around your office. Therefore, it is suggested to survey your office premises and find out areas where exit signs can be possibly placed. In case any sign is missing or needs to be replaced, then this should be done at the earliest, to avoid any uncalled for situation.


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