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The Best Method To Create A Tech Pack For Fashion Industry

One of the top queries received from new and evolving fashion brands in relation to production is that “How to work with a manufacturer?” This is due to production being considered a highly challenging part of initiating a fashion brand. It is crucial to find an appropriate factory for the collection and proper communication with people who are involved in the manufacture of clothes.

The Best Method To Create A Tech Pack For Fashion Industry

Planning and preparation are both very significant for a fashion business. A tech pack is one of the best ways to accomplish this entire process efficiently. To get the benefits from this method, it is needed for a business to learn how to prepare a tech pack.

What is a Tech Pack?

A tech pack offers numerous benefits to a fashion industry. This pack has very specific details that include drawings, measurements, raw materials to be used, brand standards and some special instructions. A tech pack can be created manually or by the use of computer aided programs such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Excel.

Make a Cover Page

This page shows the fundamental front and rear view of the style. It comprises of sketch that has a white fill or transparent fill and does not contain print or color. The sketches included in this page can be either drawn by hand, computer generated, or photographs. FittDesign tech pack templates are ready to use templates that help clients in easy setup and customization of their online garment stores.

Make an Inspiration Page

An inspiration page comprises of images that assist in creation of the original style. These images may provide a view of the entire garment or detailed pictures, such as close view of a collar or pocket.

Prepare a Callout Page

This page articulates the type of design and construction details that need to be used at the time of manufacturing the garment.

Make a Print-fabric Placement Page

This page indicates the location where would you like the fabric or print.

Make a Colorway Page

This page identifies the type of colors that will be used in the garment design.

Make a BOM or Bill of Materials Page

This page includes all those materials that are used in manufacturing a garment. There are four main sections in this page, fabrics, labels, trims, and packaging.

Make a Fold Page

This page expresses the way in which the garment has to be folded and packed. It should contain several sketches that show step by step procedure to fold and pack a shirt.

Make a Label Placement Page

This page explains the kind of label that is going to be used in the product. It also tells the location where it needs to be placed.


Tech packs are an inevitable tool in fashion business especially when you are communicating your specifications and designs to a cloth maker and factory. Following the above guidelines will help in making an efficient tech pack that will help in saving significant time, money and preventing any misunderstandings in the overall cloth manufacturing process.


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