Why You Should Consider a Concealed Carry Purse or BagPosted by On

While any firearms expert will tell you it is far safer to carry your weapon on your person than in an accessory that can be removed from your body at a moment’s notice, the truth is that any concealed carry option is better than not carrying at all. While a concealed carry purse or bag can be relatively easy to remove from your body, if you are alert and not complacent when out and about, you significantly reduce your risk of having your bag stolen.

Most modern concealment bags offer extra layers of protection and security for you and your weapon. These built-in safety features make it much more difficult for criminals or untrained hands to access your weapon. The best part about modern concealment bags and purses is that they are virtually indistinguishable from a regular handbag. They come in a wide variety of colors, are constructed from many different types of durable materials and they have stylish silhouettes. Some feature hardware, tassels and other decorative accents that make them look feminine and unassuming.

If you like small bags or crossbody styles, there are many baguette, small shoulder and fanny pack options to suit your individual style aesthetic. If you need a larger handbag to carry your weapon, gym clothes, and other essentials, you may prefer to carry a tactical backpack, hobo bag, satchel, messenger or tote bag.

Modern concealment purses feature lock-and-key entry, reinforced locks, bulletproof linings and materials, and even alarms to prevent theft and intruders. Local uniform stores and gun shops often carry a small assortment of concealment purses and bags. Online retailers tend to offer more affordable prices and a larger selection of styles and choices. One example of a full-scale shop offering concealment clothing, purses and accessories is Magill’s Glockstore: http://www.glockstore.com/Concealment/Purses.

If you can, always try to invest in high-quality concealment apparel and opt to keep your weapon on your person. If this is not possible, a durable purse or concealment bag may be an alternative line of defense for safely storing your weapon and protecting yourself from potential dangers out in the world.


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