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Top 2 Fast Printing TechnologiesTechnology has taken over the world by storm. Almost every electronic you have will always be updated in a short period of time and in your office; you have probably bought several printers over the years to get their groundbreaking uses and of course to keep up with the competitors. If you are looking for new printing technologies, look no further. Here are some of the current technologies used for printing.

3D Printing

Currently, 3D technology is the most innovative idea in the market. This technology is not only for TVs and theaters but also printers! It offers a variety of uses and believe it or not, it is able to print three dimensional objects, layering them one at a time. Some of its strengths are:

  •  It prevents wasting manufacturing materials used to make metallic or plastic objects.
  •  You are able to make any object in a matter of hours as opposed to the traditional ways which would take much, much longer.
  •  In the end, it is cheaper since you not only save from buying materials, but also the workforce that would have been used to make the particular project.

Thermal Printing

photographer-illustration-business-card-template+11157+photographer02_thumb_enThis type of technology uses direct heat to produce the images on paper. The heating elements are controlled by electricity and the thermal energy activates a color reaction on the thermal coating. The speeds and efficiency makes it possible for a huge workload (eg a printing press for newspaper) to be done overnight and feed a nation in a matter of 24 hours. Benefits of thermal imaging include:

 Saves on time- thermal printing is super fast without interfering with the image i.e. it still remains very clear.

 Noise free operation- It is hard to imagine, but it is true. Unlike the other types of printing, it does not make any sounds as it prints.

  •  It requires no maintenance- You will not be changing the cartridges, ribbons or ink, which can be very annoying especially when you are in a service industry, since they do not have them.

3D printing is very popular for business card printing. Now a day’s business card is an important factor for your business communication and business impression. The latest printing Technology applied for these types of quality printing.

photo_2aThis is a field oriented design attention, where it is very important the first impression, so a bright card (business or personal) talks a lot about us and our profession, and incidentally does its job of capturing the attention and inspire confidence in those who see it.

Creativity is very important and should excel. So do not try to copy the good examples that we find on this subject, but inspire them and create our own design, where it is essential that each present a unique vision designer to help you stand out from the other designs, and try to stand out. This really is complicated.

The business cards or business cards are a few pieces of cardboard which shows the main data of a person and that is delivered in the first interview or as a form of identification, or with a gift, condolences or congratulations.



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