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The viral campaigns are the strategies that have worked best in recent times. With entertaining videos and other alleged lack of cleanliness in the edition, have the clear objective of generating feedback through social networks and society general.Evidentemente, Internet entry had much to do with it.With its mass opened new possibilities in the fields of advertising and marketing.

In addition, by having such key factors as the immediacy and connectivity, brand campaigns through this medium generate results in the offline world that could not be achieved.

But, despite having an immense field of implementation, not all businesses are successful. A competition which daily becomes more complex, add a host of technical elements necessary for working videos on the web that not everybody drives perfectly.

Knowing this, Forrester Research published a series of tips through their site to help those who still do not know how to prepare a marketing video online that can succeed on the Internet.

We invite you to meet some of their tips:

A good title

There are two reasons why it is so important a title for a video.One, because it must capture the attention of audiences. And two, to use the right words (keywords) in its title, is more likely to appear in search engines when Internet users on a topic investigated.

suppose if you are building a website for muay thai in Thailand, then you should make your keyword specific for muay thai and also don’t forget to add thailand in title. These all play a keyrole in SEO, your title should be Muay thai in Thailand so that both search engine and reader can understand your website properly.

Another point to remember is that Google, the biggest search engine on the Web, owns YouTube, the top online video portal, a connection impossible to ignore.


What things deliver value, and what you can teach people? An Internet video images should not only provide entertaining, but also has to deliver value to the viewer, ie show knowledge and skills about a topic. On the video you are watching something and not another. Duration

The people do not have time to view all of the Web, then apply a filter too big and leave only those that interest them. And that, of course, are short.

In late 2009, ComScore reported that the average video was 3.8 minutes. Follow that rule.


People can relate to your brand when you tell a compelling story, believable. A good option is to report a past event that has shaped what we now are.

Generally, the stories that the viewer identifies with the protagonists of the video are having great success.

Include your URL in the video

When editing the video, uses different editing features. An easy option is to add a text box where you can show your Web page address, which is a great way to get exposure and views.

Show your brand

For identification purposes, add your company logo prominently somewhere on the screen. You can do this at any time or during key moments of your video.

Grow your list

Every business needs a list of potential customers. Make a video can be used to increase your database of names, email and phone.It may also be the opportunity to deliver a free consultation, evaluation, samples, among other elements that help strengthen these contacts. Breaking myths

Talk about three myths in your industry (good or bad) and gives true examples to demonstrate why they are not real. But watch out, there are myths, like the secret formula of Coca-Cola that is worth keeping for marketing issues.

Questions and answers

Enjoy the showcase you deliver Web video to your readers some key questions that provoke a subsequent conversation. Know what your needs, your wishes and your relationship with the niche.


Tell people about your products and services. Give details about the features and benefits. Explain all you receive once you make the purchase.

This is a guest post from Lewis, who works in muaythai & thai boxing training camp.


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