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The Iphone 5 is great for many things, but one of the best things about it is the camera enhancements. So much attention to detail has been given here such as a a sapphire crystal lens protects the camera from scratches when you put it down on a hard surface. Photo’s are captured about 40% quicker than they were on the 4s allowing you to click away in the knowledge that you are capturing every frame of a moment. There is the new addition of the panorama mode which allows you to capture photos as you turn around, which the phone then stitches together to create a panoramic photograph. Quite a fun and useful feature once you get the hang of it. The low light mode is much improved, so you can expect greater quality pictures when a location is dimly lit.

Although we’ve seen it before on other phones, the ability to snap pictures while recording video is a welcome addition. The video camera can now record 1080p video’s and comes with video stabilisation ensuring that your video’s are of a high quality and don’t look like you’ve been filming a jumpy documentary. The front facing camera has been improved to 720p which was definitely needed as taking pictures of ourselves and of group situations is so popular, especially when uploading to social media sites.

Gaming on the Iphone 5 is a greater experience than ever before as Iphone have included a new and advanced graphics chip. Although there aren’t any new features when it comes to the gaming, the overall experience is more pleasing because of the level of graphics and the sharpness of the colour on this device. As before there is a huge amount of gaming content to be found in the App Store, most of it free or very cheap. If you want to find a great deal for an iPhone 5, make sure to check out the mobile phone deals with Dialaphone.


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