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Ever since Apple has launched its new range of iPad mini it has become even more difficult to decide which device to buy. Exactly what sets apart the ipad 4 from the ipad mini? Well, we are going to take a look at both devices and decide which one prevails.

iPad 4 

This speedy machine may look good and all but are its specs up to par? In fact this beast holds a A6X processor chip, allowing you run tons of apps at the exact same time. The ipad 4 is well known for its ‘retina display’ this in fact means that the graphics on this baby are just incredible! So amazing in fact that they have a better quality picture resolution than a 1080p HDTV. The ipad 4 is certainly packing some extreme speed, well it needs some help running that gorgeous HD screen. Gah, I’m in awe thinking about it. If you are a business person always on the go than this is the device you MUST get. 

The larger resolution means you can complete tasks in lighting speed time. Which is great if you have business you need to deal with whilst commuting. If you love browsing the web with ease than an ipad 4 certainly lives up to the mark. The 9.7 inch screen allows you ample room to scroll and zoom around your favorite web pages with ease. Again, the Retina display allows for a more intriguing browsing time. If you are a lover of movies than you will be taken aback by the graphics that this tablet can produce. Seriously, you can not even comprehend the awesome graphic features this tablet holds. You simply must try this device out! 

iPad Vs. iPad Mini- Which One Is Better?

iPad Mini 

An ipad mini is basically a sleek more lightweight device which is perfect for people that want to carry around a more handy yet convenient tablet. This baby easily slips inside your purse or in the side of your bag with ease. If you are looking for an ipad 4 but don’t like the expensiveness then an ipad mini is ideal for you. One of these can be picked up at $329, which is $170 cheaper than an ipad 4. Unlike the ipad 4 the ipad mini doesn’t possess the amazing retina display or the quick processor but it does have all of the functions of an ipad 4. You can download a number of apps which are available on the ipad 4, and they work perfectly on an ipad mini. You can also use the assistance of the great built in assistant ‘Siri’. 

iPad Vs. iPad Mini- Which One Is Better?

So, now we have taken a look at both devices we can safely come up with a conclusion on which is best. If you want a more lightweight easy to carry device then the ipad mini is for you. If you want incredible graphics and agility than an ipad 4 is a must for you. Whilst both have pretty much the same functions the ipad mini weighs just half the size of an ipad 4 and can be slipped easily in your backpack with ease. An ipad 4 is not comfortable to hold in one hand and it is pretty heavy to cart around with you. If price is an issue than an ipad mini is the right choice for you. If you want a fast efficient device than an ipad 4 is what you need. With so many fantastic qualities I can see exactly why it may be difficult to choose which tablet will suit you best. There is so much to choose from.. I don’t even know which one I like myself! 

Bio: If you are looking for a cheaper version of the iPad you can opt for the Nexus tablet, which I have! This is very lightweight and versatile, it also uses the same data cloud to store and save your files, failing that you can use a data centre to store your files such as sharefile.


A6X processor chip

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