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A lot of people are now using phones all over the world. Moreover, a lot more younger people are using them at a very young age. There have been a lot of studies that show that there are three possible risks when it comes to excessive use of mobile phones.

Decreased Levels of Male Fertility
In 2007, the Cleveland Clinic has conducted a research and published it in Fertility and Sterility journal. The research included 32 men who gave sperm samples for the study. The sperm samples were then placed an inch away from a mobile in talk mode. Upon evaluation, the test group had increased levels of harmful free radicals and lower levels of antioxidants compared to the other samples that were not exposed to the mobile phone. This has sparked an interest in mobile usage decreasing the fertility level of males.

Increase Risk for Cancer
There has been a lot of studies on the link between mobile phone usage and brain cancer due to the close proximity of the gadget to the brain when in use.

According to Dr. David McCormick, “There are a small number of epidemiological studies that have suggested a possible increase in cancer risk. But comparable studies in other populations haven’t confirmed these findings.” Dr. McCormick is from the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute in Chicago.

Mobile phones are said to emit radiation in the form of non ionizing radio frequency, which is the same one that is found to be risky from X-ray machines. While these signals may be weak and do not pose harm to damaging the DNA of brain cells, there is still that risk.

In a study done by Dr. Siegal Sadetzki from Gertner Institute – Chaim Sheba Medical Center in Israel, he found that those who use their phones for long periods of time have 50 percent higher risk of having a parotid tumor, usually found near the ears and jaw.

Behavioural Problems in Children
In a study done by Dr. Kheifets and researchers from Denmark in 1997, they have found that pregnant mothers who used mobile phones for longer periods had children who had 80 percent higher incidence of behavioural problems compared to their counterparts. These problems are usually hyperactivity, social problems with their peers, and emotional imbalance.

It may be a good idea to lessen the use of mobile phones to lessen the risk of these three problems that have been proven by research.

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