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Everyone loves to get something for nothing and it especially wonderful when the something is also extremely useful. We’ve compiled a listing of the 10 top free websites that will you’re your life a whole lot easier:
Dial My Calls

If you’re pressed for time and have last minute plans, you can contact everyone easily by phone using this site or using Freebies 365. You can send one group call per day to 25 people or less at absolutely no charge.

Live Mesh

Live Mesh is a useful site that allows you to access, synchronize, and share files with all of your devices. It’s extremely easy to use and allows you access to your files anywhere on the web. It’s powered by Microsoft and completely freebie to use.

Open With

Open With is a reference site providing lists of detailed information about most file extensions and the free programs that can open and create the files.


Cometdocs is definitely a one of a kind service. They offer free online document conversion services that can’t be found anywhere else for free. The site sports 50 free conversion options including XPS and PDF. Best of all, its converted documents retain formatting for both text and images.


Pict is a free image hosting service that lets you upload and share your images with one click.
You can upload images up to 3.5Mb, JPG/PNG/GIF formats supported; it has automatic image resizing, multiple uploading & much more.

Wayback Machine

If you’ve ever been researching a paper or looking for information only to discover a link listed by a popular search engine no longer exists. Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine will allow you to view a particular website according to a timeline. You can track page changes and view information no longer available on a particular site.

Old Version

It’s not always a great idea to upgrade to a newer version of software. Your computer may not be compatible with a new version of software, the software may be buggy, or perhaps you don’t like programs current options. Old Version has been supplying the net with older versions of popular programs completely free of charge for years now.


Keep track of your entire collection favourite website on a single page. Speedtile takes snapshots of all your favourite sites and organizes the in a tiled visual environment.


You can use Tracer to generate more visits and page view. Get credit when content is copied from your site.


Rarhost specializes in file hosting for .rar archives. View and read each archive’s content prior to downloading in order to ensure that the archive contains the correct files.


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