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There are a lot of reasons for distributing brochures to advertise your products. There are still a lot of people who would rather read information in brochures, especially those who belong to the older generation. Therefore, even if you need to spend more to advertise using brochures, it can still be considered an effective advertising tool.

The only thing you have to remember though is that brochures are only a sneak peek of what your business has to offer. You need to avoid the common mistakes people make in designing brochures.

Including Everything

The brochure is a summary of your business and the products that you offer. In as much as you want to include everything that people need to know about your company, it won’t help. If they see that the font sizes are too small and the information is too long to read, they might just throw it away. It is best for brochures to have a summary of the products offered, promotions and a few photos. You have to fit everything in one page. If not, you can use a folded brochure. As long as each item presented in the brochure is significant, then go for it.

Using Too Many Photos

This is the opposite of the first mistake. There are those who would rather present everything in photos instead of using words. If you are targeting a really young audience, this might work. However, if your product targets the older age brackets, then they might be confused when they only see photos. They need to read some text too for them to understand the meaning of the photos.

Exaggerating Information

No matter how much you wish to attract people to buy your products after reading the brochures, it is important that you remain honest with them. Avoid bragging a lot, as this will just turn your potential clients off. Instead of buying from you, they might rather look elsewhere.

Designing the Brochures

Once you have finalized your ideas about what to write in the brochure, it is time to focus on brochure printing. Of course, you need to partner with the best printing company to get the best printing services possible. Once you have finished designing the brochures, it is time to let them print a sample. You can double check if there are any mistakes before you ask them to print in bulk.

If you are satisfied with their services, you can always go back for other services such as leaflet printing, flyer printing, banner printing and exhibition stands. Once you have found a reliable printing company, you need to stick with it.


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