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During the holidays, many of us like to relax at home, but there are those who rent a car and go looking for adventure.

Indeed, a car is a great way to travel at your own pace – you can pick it up almost anywhere in the world. Do you need a car in Canada? No problems! Budget car hire in Canada will make all your travel desires come true. However, through you can enjoy many other locations in addition to Budget car hire in Canada – the USA, Italy, Spain, France and many other countries are available for car rental.

If you are an ardent fan of road travel, then some devices will simplify your trip and make it as convenient as possible:

Roof Rails

This is the most essential accessory for road travelers, as it allows to easily placing additional cargo on the roof of the car. There are two types of rails – longitudinal and transverse. As a rule, the first one comes with the standard equipment of some crossovers or SUVs, as well as ordinary station wagons. The second type can be installed on almost any other car.

Remember that all transverse roof rails have a weight limit and can withstand not more than 70-80 kg. The cost of this accessory starts at $40.

If there are already rails on the car, then there are a lot of additional accessories that can be fixed on them. For example, bike mounts, a tent or a special box on the roof, which will help free up precious space in the car.

Car Inverter

It’s difficult to overestimate the presence of this accessory in the car, because access to an ordinary outlet in remote corners of the country you travel in will always come in handy.

With this device, you can easily recharge all the gadgets you have, and among them surely there may be smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even an electric kettle. The cost of such devices is not high and starts at $20.


Protective Car Cover

This is a very important accessory on long journeys. If you decide to go south, where during the day the temperature can reach +40°C, then it would be nice to have a cover with you.

It won’t only save the body of your car from direct sunlight, but also protect it from dust settling. Typically, the cost of the cover doesn’t exceed $15-30.


When all belongings need to be loaded into the car, it will not be superfluous to take care of their fixation in the cabin. For these purposes, there are special nets and organizers that will allow you to safely distribute the load in the car. The cost of such accessories is very low and starts at $5.

Car Seat Massager

This accessory is perfect for those drivers who plan to have a long road trip. By using a massage seat cover you can relax a bit during stops and ease the discomfort associated with the long road. Usually this accessory is fixed on the seat with special straps and is powered from the cigarette lighter socket. The cost of the massager is about $ 30.


Heating Pad

Camping is a great idea, but what if the bonfire has already gone out, but you need to warm yourself? Of course, there is a way out, and this is a heating blanket. Unlike home electric blankets, cars have a cigarette lighter socket. All accessories of this type have a special remote control that allows you to set the optimum temperature. But remember: the maximum temperature of most electric blankets doesn’t exceed +35°C. The cost of a heating blanket starts at $25.


Snow Chains

This accessory won’t be amiss even in the summer, since after heavy rains, country roads may turn into a mushy mass. In addition, when traveling to ski resorts, you may be greeted by a special road sign that prohibits travel without the use of wheel snow chains.

If you rent a 2-wheel drive car, then one set of chains (2 pcs.) will be enough, but in case you drive an AWD vehicle, it’s better to equip all four wheels. The cost of snow chains starts at $15. Also, you can add this device to your car rental as additional equipment.

Portable Car Shower

This accessory will help to feel the civilization even away from it. All that is needed for its operation is a container with water (10 liters will be enough for one person) and the presence of a cigarette lighter socket. That’s all. In addition, as a rule, all accessories of this type have a special hook that allows you to fix the shower at the right height. The cost of a car shower is approximately $20.


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