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When you buy an electric razor, you are not just looking for something cuts the beard/hair- are you? Everyone wants nothing but the best of grooming products. Electric razors are not that hard to come by- there are plenty of variations in the market, but the basic requirements remain the same- a close, comfortable and irritation-free shave. In the midst of all that competition between various brands, finding one that is better than manual razors is not that hard a task. We will now list down the 5 features that you can expect on buying the best electric razor in the market.

1. High Quality Blades

It is understood that the electric razor you buy will only be as good as the blades. The best electric shaver will have precision blades made of a high quality material, such as stainless or carbon steel, titanium and in some cases, even aluminum. This may depend on the shaver type as well, but all high-quality shavers are the ones that have durable, self-sharpening and maintenance free blades. Such blades guarantee a smooth and close shave without pulling your hair or causing any discomfort.

2. Ergonomic Design

What is the point of having an electric shaver if holding it for use is too much of a hassle? The best electric shaver must come with an ergonomic design or a good quality grip. It is obvious that as you use the shaver, chances are that your hands may be wet, or the unit may get some water on it (being in the bathroom or near the sink). In case the design is not prepared to handle that, chances are that the unit may slip from your hands and break in a fall. However, a good grip and design ensures that the shaver stays steady in your hand and can reach even the most problematic of areas without too much effort.

3. Wet/Dry Variations

One reason why electric razors were not preferred over manual ones earlier is that they could only be used for a dry shave. You could not use a shaving foam/gel or even water with them, for there was a risk that the moisture would ruin the unit. Additionally, a drive shave will leave your skin more prone to cuts and you are likely to get a few hair pulled while shaving. However, with an electric shaver that lets you choose between wet and dry shaves, you can always shave the way you are most comfortable!

4. Cordless Operation

There is no convenience in using an electric shaver if you require a cord attached all the time, or if it takes too much time to charge with little output. The best electric razors come with a great battery life, and do not take as much time to charge as well. A trimmer that provides a few minutes of battery life with hours of charging is no use- the best shavers out there can give you over an hour of cordless usage in less than 60-80 minutes of charging time.

5. Simple Cleaning and Maintenance

You do not want to spend more time cleaning your shaver and less time using it- and with the right electric razor, this will not happen. Good quality electric razors are built to require minimal maintenance, without any hassles of adding oil or lengthy cleaning procedures.  Further, the interior mechanism is designed to capture hair and not let it clog the unit. This helps the shaver to work without making a mess, as well as to make the shaved hair easy to clean off it.

What Products give All these Features?

Two of the best electric shavers that actually offer you all these features along with a lot more are the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 and the Remington XF8700 SmartEdge.

Check the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 review online and you will find that it provides a close and comfortable shave on all areas of the face. It has stainless steel blades, wet and dry operation, is 100% waterproof and is powered by a quiet yet very efficient motor. With just 90 minutes you of charging, you will get 60 minutes of cordless operation, along with the quick charge feature that gives you enough juice for a single shave in just 5 minutes of charging.

 The Remington XF8700 SmartEdge review is another great electric razor review I found online. It is a  great shaver with wet & dry shave and nanotech blades with Arched Foils made using hypoallergenic steel. It gives 45 minutes of cordless operation on a full charge. The Vibration Cleaning Mode requires you to just press a button and the razor gets rid of the hair inside on its own!

Thus, now that you know what to look for in the best electric razors and which of these give you all that, finding the best for you should not be that hard. Electric shavers can be the best possession for a man- provided he buys the right one.


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