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3 Reasons Why You Should Study At A Scottish University

Scotland is a beautiful country and it offers students some of the best university experiences that you can find. It is a country rich in heritage and famous for its tartan, scenery and whiskey, not to mention the friendly people. It is also host to some excellent cities, vibrant arts and cultural venues and some unmissable international festivals.

  • Success: 

Scotland has produced its fair share of entrepreneurs, explorers and inventors. What more inspiration do you need when you have to write coursework or research for an upcoming essay? The country has played a crucial role in many of the devices that we know and love today such as the television, refrigerator, radar and pneumatic tyre, as well as medical revolutions including the introduction of penicillin. Scotland also has a great mix of literary greats including Robert Louis Stephenson, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns.

3 Reasons Why You Should Study At A Scottish University

  • Industry Leaders: 

The landscape of Scotland has changed considerably in recent years, so for students there are lots of exciting opportunities once you graduate and your essay writing is complete. There has been a significant shift from the once heavily industrialised landscape of the country, toward more commercially viable opportunities such as manufacturing, electronics and service industries. There are lots of industries in Scotland which are thriving including life sciences, hospitality, creative industries, financial services and telecommunications to name a few. All of these emerging and growing sectors present some excellent opportunities for graduates, both in terms of work experience and actual employment after graduation.

  • Educational Excellence:

 Last but by no means least, and perhaps the most important for students is the standard of education. Scotland is renowned for its world class education system. This is because the Scottish have placed great emphasis on the importance of education which stretches back more than 500 years. Scotland was a world leader when it came to introducing universal education and was one of the first countries to establish quality assurance for its schools and universities. When you study at a Scottish university you will be able to forge strong links with high profile companies and participate in an education system which actively encourages you to develop relevant skills which are highly sought after by today’s employers.

There are some great universities in Scotland offering a number of options when it comes to university study. The most difficult part is choosing which university to go to!

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