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There are two broad divisions when it comes to the animation industry, one division consists of the people that like to watch 2D and 3D animation and appreciate the good work of artists. While the second divisions consists of the artists themselves, who like to produce these animations and fill the world with amazing 3D effects that people couldn`t imagine few years ago.

Both 2D and 3D industries are at their peaks right now, and just because people have inclined towards 3D in recent times, do not mean that we can expect an end of 2D soon. 2D animation industry is still working in its full capacity and keeps producing the eye-popping animations with extra ordinary visual effects to make everyone feel astonished.

Most of the Animators around the world use a technique known as “Rendering” to make their drawings come alive. Due to the invention of 3D flash and 3D Illustration techniques, a new world of opportunities is opened to the 3D animators and creative artists.

Most of the people consider animation to be a part of cartoon industry only. Whereas in reality, 3D Animation is serving many other sectors as well, Movies and videos games just being the 2 of them. Fields like Project Plans, Floor Plans and Building Designs are also using 3D animation software to make their ideas work in a model form.

You can easily see 3D rendering playing its critical role in almost all the fields of modern life. Almost all advertisements (both indoor and outdoor) are using 3D rendering to attract their potential customers with the eye-popping and attractive animation. Hence, it can be said that these 3D Animation software are a critical part of our overall advertisement industry, without which businesses can’t survive these days.

3D Rendering also offers various features to make attractive training material and is also used as a training tool in all the fields. Because of the excessive usage of 3D rendering, more and more jobs are being offered in this field which ensures that even an in-experienced yet skilled 3D Animator is paid a deserving amount each month. And due to the invent of software like MAYA that offers built-in Rendering Function inside the software, has made the life of 3D Animators a whole lot easier. And by looking at the pace this industry is growing, we can say that this industry is only going to go up in coming years.

Though being in this industry, requires the artists to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and cutting edge technology and techniques to ensure that they use the most effective solution to overcome their needs. Rendering in 3D animation does not produce amazing animations, but it is the person using the software that makes the imagination come to life with his/her creativity and aesthetic sense.

If you are in the animation industry you must keep yourself up to date with the latest 3D rendering techniques otherwise you might be left behind, because the market is moving at a very fast pace.

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