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In today’s world, there is always the risk of running into problems with burglars, hackers, and other criminals whose goal is to steal from or otherwise harm others. While traditional security methods like locks and alarms come to mind, the technological innovations of recent years make digital security necessary as well. Several excellent security systems have been recently created—and improved upon— to ensure the safety of families, businesses, and information:

Remote Home Security Systems

With a completely wireless system, a remote home security system eliminates the vulnerabilities presented by hard lines. This minimizes the risk of the system being physically disabled. These systems communicate with multiple sensors from a central security console to maximize security strength. Remote control from a smartphone is typically available, once the proper app is installed onto the device. These security systems can also be customized to take into account the unique vulnerabilities of each home.

Coolest New Gadgets For Automotives 2014

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus – 2014 Version

With new computer vulnerabilities like the heartbleed bug identified each day, it has become necessary to use a virus protection service in order to protect important files and documents. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus offers protection for laptops and desktop computers through an easy-to-use interface and simple setup process. Installation can be completed in mere minutes and does not require any prior experience. Even if the device is already infected with a virus or malware, the Webroot computer security system can be installed. This will allow the virus to be quarantined while the computer is scanned and cleaned. This antivirus provides anti-phishing, password encryption, and multiple levels of privacy protection all at once, to keep every device secure on all fronts. While some security systems can be eliminated by a virus code, this is not possible with Webroot.

Lookout Mobile Security

Installing Lookout Mobile Security is a necessary measure for any owner of a smartphone. Smartphones can include vital contact information, personal details, and things such as bank account information and social security numbers. Lookout Mobile Security prevents viruses by scanning all downloaded apps and files. Other features include a location service to find the mobile device from a computer using the phone’s GPS signal. If the phone cannot be retrieved when it is lost or stolen, a factory reset can be initiated from Lookout’s desktop site to eliminate all information on a device. With smartphones being one of the most commonly stolen and hacked valuable goods, security for these devices is absolutely essential.

Astro Guard Alarms

Providing 24-hour alarm monitoring and weekly testing, the professionals at Astro Guard Alarms offer a complete security system for homes and small businesses. Their security services include motion detectors, fire and smoke detector, and remote-controlled light and locks which can be accessed via a keypad or the user’s smartphone.

With the listed security technologies on your side, you can rest assured your information, belongings, and loved ones remain safe. Criminal technologies, cyber and otherwise, are improving every day—fortunately, security systems are being improved upon regularly to keep pace.


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